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Q: Who was the artist who sang zayn's favorite song thriller?
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Who was the artist who sang Zayns song thriller?

Michael Jackson

Why was Thriller Michael Jackson's favourite song he sang?

Thriller was not his favorite, Heal the World and Earth Song were, because he was very proud of those songs.

Which singer sung Thriller?

Michael Jackson sang the song Thriller.

Who sang thriller?

Michael Jackson

What was Michael Jackson when he sang thriller?

A zombie.

Who Sang Thriller by Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson

Why did Louis Tomlinson sing zayn Malik's solo?

yeah he did it at a concert he sang zayns solo in what makes you beautiful

What episode of glee did they sing thriller?

They sang the Thriller/Heads Will Roll mashup in the episode, "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" (S02E11).

Who was the original artist that sang name?

demo artist

What is the most best song that rihanna sang?

thriller- Micheal Jackson

What is solierboy?

soilja boy is a rap artist that sang crank that solja boy is a rap artist that sang crank that

Which famous pop singer sang the hit song thriller?

Michael Jackson