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Thriller made the most money of Michael Jackson's songs.

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Thriller made the most money out of all his songs that he did.

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Q: Which Michael Jackson song made the most money?
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What CD made the most money ever?

I think it was Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in '83.

Who made most of Michael Jackson's musical beats?

Michael Jackson

What singer made the most money?

It is obviously the singer!!!! Because he\she is asked to sing at lots of concerts and he\she makes money off the concert tickets!!!

What black singer makes the most money?

Michael Jackson

Why was Michael Jackson a good citizen?

He gave most charities money.

What made Michael Jackson different from other singers?

Michael Jackson was the first to do everything, and to most that's what makes him different from others.

Who has the most hits Rihanna or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson of course

Who has the most number ones Michael Jackson or Madonna?

Michael Jackson

What music video cost the most money to film?

Scream - produced by Michael Jackson ft. Janet Jackson at a cost of over $7,000,000.

What was the most popular album of Michael Jackson?

The most popular album of Michael Jackson was Thriller.

What is the most recent song Michael Jackson made?

His Newest song is actually breaking news but before that it was hold my hand is was a duet between Akon and Michael Jackson .

What is Michael Jackson's most recent music video?

You Rock My World made in 2001