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Q: What is the zombie song called by Michael Jackson?
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What was Michael Jackson's most autobiagraphical song?

His song called Childhood.

Who sings the song called money?

michael jackson

Is there a Michael Jackson song called good?

No there isn't.

Do you like the song Lulu by Michael Jackson?

He doesn't have a song called Lulu.

What is the name of the song which Michael Jackson was an angel?

its called you are not alone

Who does the song by Michael Jackson called who is it does it refer to anybody?

Who Is It isn't about anyone.

What Michael Jackson album is the song will you be there called?

It's on the Dangerous album.

Did Michael Jackson make a song called knock you off your feet?


Was Michael Jackson a rapper?

No. But there is a song called "Shout" where he almost is rapping :)

What year was Were Are You by Michael Jackson made?

He never made a song called Where Are You.

What is the song called by michael jackson with the seventy rappers?

There's no such thing.

Does Michael Jackson sing a song called Holiday?

No, none of his songs are called Holiday.