Does Naruto become Hokage

Updated: 4/27/2022
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So far, he hasn't become Hokage. However, it's been Naruto's dream since the first chapter, and he's shown remarkable progress since the beginning. Right now, Tsunade has resumed her post as Hokage (she fell into a coma after the invasion of Konoha by Pain and Konan, so Danzo became Hokage. However, Danzo was killed in a fight with Sasuke and Madara, so Kakashi was supposed to become Hokage. Just before he was to be instated as Hokage, Shizune ran into the room saying that Tsunade had woken up, so she resumed her post). It is quite likely, however, that Naruto will fulfill his dream and become Hokage. Many of the characters support Naruto's dream, including Gaara (who, as you probably know, is the Kazekage) and Granny Chiyo.

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He becomes the 6th hokage. then he dies, soon after, sasuke becomes the 7th, then Konohamaure becomes th 8th. I don't know any more after that. If you ever have a question, ask the unknown akatsuki master. That's me. I love naruto.

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Q: Does Naruto become Hokage
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Will Naruto become Hokage?


What manga does Naruto become Hokage?

Till now naruto is genin in the manga and has a long way to become hokage.

Will naruto become the Hokage?

He will become the hokage i think.And Gaara is already the Kazekage.

Does konohamaru become Hokage?

Yes, The hokage place was actually for Naruto but Naruto gave it to Konohamaru ( 7th Hokage )

Does Naruto die at the end or does he become Hokage?

naruto will not die she not going to die he will be hokage OK

When did Naruto become Hokage?

not yet

Will Naruto become kage?

yes he is going to a hokage because it was his dream to become hokage

How does Naruto become Hokage in Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

Sorry but no he doesn't. He has a Hokage Costume that you can change into in versus mode but that is just an extra. Naruto doesn't become Hokage-yet.

Deos Naruto become Hokage?

Naruto has not yet become a hokage in manga, but I think he defenitely will later on. Well, unless he dies.

When Naruto become Hokage?

He will be the fifth hokage soon. After he kill pain.Thank you

Do Sasuke and Naruto become Hokage?

no he doesn't cause hes evil he went to orochmaru

Is Naruto going to become a Hokage?