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naruto doesnt ever become the 6th hokage because an akasuki member call pain destroyed the village and the 5th hokage tride to save every body and ran out of chakra then went into a coma so some guy called danzou was elected hokage so naruto will be either the 7th or 8th hokage

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Q: What happens to tsunade when Naruto becomes the sixth Hokage?
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What happened to tsunade in naruto?

She becomes the fifth hokage.

Is Naruto going to be the 6 Hokage?

No. Danzo becomes the 6th Hokage after Tsunade "dies."

When does tsunade wake up?

Tsunade wakes up in episode 219 just when Kakashi Hatake is about to become the sixth hokage.

What happens in the end of Naruto shippudden?

Naruto becomes Hokage

What does Naruto call Tsunade?

She has called Tsunade: Tsunade-sama (Lady Tsunade), Hokage-sama, Godaime Hokage-sama (5th Hokage), and Shishou. (master)

Does naruto become?

he becomes the 6th hokage. Naruto won't become the 6th hokage, well they have already chosen one, and he's the replacement of Lady Tsunade, his name is Danzou.

Who is the seven Hokage on Naruto?

Well, right now in naruto shippuden, there is not a new hokage, cause its still lady tsunade. But, naruto will be the eighth hokage.

Who is the head of Naruto's Village?

tsunade the 5th hokage

Who do you think will be homage after danzo Kakashi or Naruto?

Tsunade. She becomes well. However, Kakashi was set as a candidate for the hokage's post. Also danzo never becomes the hokage. he dies before he is officially announced as the sixth hokage.

Who knows hat the forth hokage is naruto's farther?

The 3rd Hokage, Jiraya, Tsunade and Kakashi knows that naruto is fourth hokage's son.

Who is hokege after tsunade?

danzo was the hokage after tsunade was in her coma. but he is dead now and tsunade has risen to claim her place. people speculate that naruto would be the next hokage because it has been his dream and kishimoto will probably most likely make naruto the next hokage.

Why does naruto call the Hokage granny tsunade?

because technically she is kined to Naruto because Mito Uzumaki is Tsunade's grandmother