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because technically she is kined to Naruto because Mito Uzumaki is Tsunade's grandmother

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Q: Why does naruto call the Hokage granny tsunade?
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What does Naruto call Tsunade?

She has called Tsunade: Tsunade-sama (Lady Tsunade), Hokage-sama, Godaime Hokage-sama (5th Hokage), and Shishou. (master)

Which girl in Naruto has the best summoning jutsu?

Lady Tsunade.....Hey they don't call her hokage for nothin

What happens to tsunade when Naruto becomes the sixth Hokage?

naruto doesnt ever become the 6th hokage because an akasuki member call pain destroyed the village and the 5th hokage tride to save every body and ran out of chakra then went into a coma so some guy called danzou was elected hokage so naruto will be either the 7th or 8th hokage

Is lady tsunade yondaime mother?

Lady tsunade could possibly be yondaime's mother if you look at a picture of her younger brother and yondaime and naruto they all look identical. It is also wierd to here naruto call her granny it seems that ppl think that it is only to annoy her but what if it was all meant to be her brother looks like naruto and yondaime and also right before jiraiya left to fight pain he had a talk with tsunade about yondaime and she was about to cry and right there jiraiya said if he was my sons i wouldve been proud of him meaning that it could be her son and naruto could be her grandson. the manga in which they talk i think is manga chapter 367 or 361 if its not im sorry but it's right before jiraiya is about to leave to the rain village.

Why does naruto not turn into ninetailes?

The Nine-tailed fox seal is designed to call on the Forth Hokage's spirit would be summoned to reseal the fox.

Who is Konohamaru?

NarutoKonohamaru is an 8 year old, and the grandson of the Third Hokage. His friends/teammates are Moegi and Udon, and together, they call themselves the Konohamaru Corps or Konohamaru Squad. He is a hasty boy who's dream is to become Hokage (Fire Shadow) of Konohakagure, the village hidden in the leaves. He's a Ninja Academy Student who studies the Arts of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu,and Genjutsu. In the manga #1, Konohamaru becomes rivals with Naruto (or rather his protege/student) and learns the Sexy Jutsu.ShippudenKonohamaru is an 11 Year old Genin,and his team is with Moegi,a kunoichi who follows Sakura,Udon,who acts as Sasuke, and Ebisu Sensei. Konohamaru relates to Naruto and Sasuke. When he says he's going to become the seventh Hokage, Tsunade asks why Seventh,and he says Naruto is going to be the Sixth Hokage. After the time-skip, he knows how to do Sexy Jutsu, Kage Bunshin no jutsu and Rasengan.

Is the fourth Hokage narutos father?

he's narutos dad alright but also when naruto fights pain the nine tails is unleashed and the 4th hokage reseals the seal when hes knocked out and sez im your father and it was me that gave you the name naruto. and another time is when jiraya was in the ninja war and he was with the 4th hokage and narutos mum and then jiraya said some thing like "what will you call your baby" then the 4th said i will call him naruto

Is Naruto crazy?

he's not crazy, he's just...well, you could call him crazy due to the fact that he's always so hyper and stuff, but he's more like stupid than crazy.AnswerThe Answer in Naruto would be,a troublemaking, loudmouth kid with a dream to become Hokage,in Shippudenhe's wise,but still a little the same. I would say crazy(in acool,troublemaking way) in "Naruto."AnswerThe Answer in Naruto would be,a troublemaking, loudmouth kid with a dream to become Hokage,in Shippudenhe's wise,but still a little the same. I would say crazy(in acool,troublemaker kind of way) in "Naruto."HE HAS A.D.H.D.!!!!!

What did they call Granny's booze on Beverly Hillbillies?

Granny called her special medicine, her 'roomatiz' medicine.

Who is Narutos father?

Naruto's father is The Fourth Hokage and people call him also the yellow flash because of his ultimate speed, he was so fast. He sealed the nine tailed fox in his only son (Naruto).Naruto's father discovered what Madara was up to but couldn't do anything about it at the time. His only immediate option was to seal the 9 tails into Naruto, leave the sage to jaraiya and let faith take care of the rest. As for Naruto's mother, who knows. There are rumors saying that Kimiko( a cunnich of the waves) is his mother.Naruto's Father's name is Minato Namikaze His mother's name, Kushina Uzumaki.Naruto was born with his mother's last nameactually minato tried to do something about it but madara was to fast & has the ability to morph time & space that's why he couldn't do anything about it & your half right he sealed half of the fox because madara tired him out so he couldn't fully seal him so what was left over he gave his son kinda like the yin yang i think naruto has the yin & minato took the yangThe fourth hokageDude the fourth hokagay, I'm sorry I can spell tat Japanese word rite u should be able to know it...

What did Eleanor mother call her?

Eleanor's mother calls her "Granny".

Which has a higher rate naruto or call of duty?

Call of Duty