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no he doesn't cause hes evil he went to orochmaru

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naruto does become hokage, but way further in the story. danzo is 6th hokage

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No, he won't.

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Q: Do Sasuke and Naruto become Hokage?
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When will Naruto and Sasuke become Hokage?

Sasuke's goal was never to become hokage, but naruto's has. Im not sure if he achieves it, but Sasuke wishes to kill his older brother Itachi Uchiha

When will Naruto and Sasuke become Hokage xy?

Please do not post fiction or rumor information, it's not helping. It's not known if Naruto and Sakura will have babies.Sasuke is unlikely to become Hokage, and it is unknown whether Naruto (if at all) becomes Hokage.

Will Naruto ever be Hokage?

Only the writer of Naruto knows for sure but according to Naruto he won't become Hokage. When Naruto confronts Sasuke he tells him that when they fight in the future, they will both die. Naruto says that if he can't even save a friend, he shouldn't be hokage.

What happens to Sasuke when Naruto becomes Hokage?

nothing will happens to his sasuke will be a hokage too with naruto

Do Naruto and Sasuke fight for the title Hokage because someone said they do and Sasuke becomes Hokage?

Sasuke doesn't really care about the hokage, his goals change throughout the series and have nothing to do with the Hokage title.

What is spoiler for Naruto 452?

danzo the elder has become hokage from tsunadas coma and claim sasuke a missing nin

How old will Naruto be when he becomes Hokage?

how r u sure he'll become hokage?..most people see Naruto comin to a dramatic end with sasuke and naruto dying in battle..that question cant really be answered unless u r gonna ask Masashi KishimotoNaruto has not become hokage yet.

Does Naruto kill Sasuke on bx set 9?

no he does not.sasuke kills naruto but naruto is sixth hokage

When is the final battle with Naruto and Sasuke in Shippuden?

That might be soon or it will be one of the last things naruto will do.. Prob 2 to last.. the last thing Naruto is going to do is become hokage..then the story ends

What is the Naruto episode before Naruto and sasuke fight on the rooftop?

The episode where Tsunade acceptes the Hokage title.

Will konohamaru become Hokage?

Yes, He will most likely be picked for the 8th hokage as he has been working towards his dream. I see no better cantidate then him. Before you say it no sasuke canΒ΄t become hokage.He can no longer use a susanoo, and he is therefor no longer as powerful.He cant fight alone because he has one arm and his chackra runs out very quick

Will Naruto become Hokage?