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Till now naruto is genin in the manga and has a long way to become hokage.

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Q: What manga does Naruto become Hokage?
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Deos Naruto become Hokage?

Naruto has not yet become a hokage in manga, but I think he defenitely will later on. Well, unless he dies.

How old is Naruto when he is Hokage?

Well, Naruto hasn't become Hokage yet in the manga or the anime. It will be soon because Naruto always sticks to his dreams.

Does Naruto become Hokage if he does is he the sixth or is some one else before him?

kakashi is not the 6th hokage in naruto manga 450 it says that danzo is the 6th hokage

Does Naruto become hocaoga?

Im guessing you mean hokage, yeah? Ok, so, so far in the manga and the anime naruto hasn't become hokage but he might.

Does Naruto get to be Hokage?

Right now, in the manga, he is not the Hokage.

Whose the 6th Hokage?

Kakashi Hatake For right now Tsunade is the Hokage(And No she is not dead) And yeah Naruto will become the 6th Hokage but that might be at the end of the anime/manga

When will naruto become a Hokage?

The future. It hasn't happened yet. Ill say if i find in manga tho.

Naruto- be Naruto a Hokage?

I Hope so but I'm not sure all i know is I'm still rooting for him and if he dose become Hokage i will be sooo happy i might even throw a really, really, really, small party for himbecause I'm a dork like thatand Naruto Is Bad Assand he deserves to be the Hokage. so thereactually, he DOES become hokage, in the manga...and later in the shows. Well...Naruto becoming Hokage wont be in the episodes, but it is in a few of the naruto movies comming along. In fact, he becomes the 10th hokage^^.

Will Naruto become Hokage?


Will naruto become the Hokage?

He will become the hokage i think.And Gaara is already the Kazekage.

Who is uzmaki Naruto?

Uzamaki Naruto is the main character of the Naruto manga and anime. He is a young ninja of the village of Konoha and the the host of the nine-tailed demon fox who aspires to become the next Hokage.

Does konohamaru become Hokage?

Yes, The hokage place was actually for Naruto but Naruto gave it to Konohamaru ( 7th Hokage )