Does konohamaru become Hokage

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Yes, The hokage place was actually for Naruto but Naruto gave it to Konohamaru ( 7th Hokage )

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Nobody knows.. Maybe after Naruto.

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Q: Does konohamaru become Hokage
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Will Konahamaru become the Hokage?

It is not yet confirm. The story around naruto's struggle to become hokage and konohamaru is just a part of his Journey. So, Konohamaru becoming hokage doesn't seem to be very realistic.

Who should be the seventh Hokage?

If Naruto becomes the 6th hokage, i think Konohamaru should become the 7th!!!

Will Konahamru ever become Hokage?

Masashi Kishimoto never said if Konohamaru would be hokage, but most assume that he will after Naruto.

Who is Hokage 7?

I think Konohamaru

Is asuma konohamaru's dad?

No the third hokage is

Who is the 8th Hokage?

Unknown. Most likely Konohamaru.

How does the third Hokage's grandson die?

If you are refering to Konohamaru, he is still alive

Will konohamaru become Hokage?

Yes, He will most likely be picked for the 8th hokage as he has been working towards his dream. I see no better cantidate then him. Before you say it no sasuke canΒ΄t become hokage.He can no longer use a susanoo, and he is therefor no longer as powerful.He cant fight alone because he has one arm and his chackra runs out very quick

Who is Konohamaru?

NarutoKonohamaru is an 8 year old, and the grandson of the Third Hokage. His friends/teammates are Moegi and Udon, and together, they call themselves the Konohamaru Corps or Konohamaru Squad. He is a hasty boy who's dream is to become Hokage (Fire Shadow) of Konohakagure, the village hidden in the leaves. He's a Ninja Academy Student who studies the Arts of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu,and Genjutsu. In the manga #1, Konohamaru becomes rivals with Naruto (or rather his protege/student) and learns the Sexy Jutsu.ShippudenKonohamaru is an 11 Year old Genin,and his team is with Moegi,a kunoichi who follows Sakura,Udon,who acts as Sasuke, and Ebisu Sensei. Konohamaru relates to Naruto and Sasuke. When he says he's going to become the seventh Hokage, Tsunade asks why Seventh,and he says Naruto is going to be the Sixth Hokage. After the time-skip, he knows how to do Sexy Jutsu, Kage Bunshin no jutsu and Rasengan.

Is konohamaru the seventh hokage?

No way!!! EDIT: It is possible but you won't see it because the series will end when Naruto becomes the Sixth Hokage.

Who is Naruto deleted character Sarutobi?

There are three characters in the Naruto universe with the last name Sarutobi. The first is the Third Hokage, whose name is Hiruzen Sarutobi. The second is Konohamaru Sarutobi, who is the Third Hokage's grandson. The last is Asuma Sarutobi, who is Konohamaru's uncle and the Third Hokage's son.

Who will be the next Hokage?

it will probably be naruto or konohamaru because they both are genin's in naruto shippuden.