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The fact driver B left the scene does not change that driver A is At Fault (there are exceptions to driver A being at fault)

Additional: While Driver A may have been the striking vehicle, Driver B MAY be at fault for "Changing Lanes Without Caution." Regardless of the circumstances of the collision itself, Driver B can be charged with "Leaving the Scene of an Accident."

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Q: Who is at fault if Driver B was changing lanes and then Driver A rear ends Driver B and then Driver B leaves the scene of the accident?
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Who is liable in a car accident where the driver at fault calls the police the other driver leaves the scene and no police report is filed?

The driver at fault is liable for the collision, regardless of the other driver's actions post-collision. The fleeing driver may later be brought up on Hit and Run or Leaving the Scene of an Accident charges, but that will not change the at fault liability.

Who's at fault in this accident changing lane hit a car from side road.?

Changing lane should be at fault because the driver should be able to control the car against hitting another car. The changing lane driver only has a case if it is illegal to use the side road.

Is a drunk driver always at fault in an accident?

No, but if involved in an accident, even when not at fault, the drunk driver would still be guilty of, and could be charged with, DUI.

Who is at fault if an underage driver wrecks a car and no other car is involved in the accident?

If there is no other vehicle involved in the accident, then the only person who can be at fault is the underage driver.

If you are in an automobile accident in Mass and the other driver has revoked insurance and leaves the scene are you automatically not at fault?

No, if you were negligent, and 'at fault' you still are, however, if they leave the scene doesn't sound like you will have to fix their vehicle, but you could still have a 'chargeable' accident on your policy.

Is a driver with no insurance at fault in an accident?

He may be at fault for not having insurance. He may or may not be at fault for the accident. Whether or not a driver carries insurance is a separate issue than the one concerning who is at fault in an accident. Do not confuse them or let them overlap. A good, objective assessor won't.

Who is at fault if Driver A was changing lanes and then Driver B rear ends Driver A and then Driver B leaves the scene of the accident?

Nobody is at fault ... Driver B left the scene of an accident ... it was "B's" fault, but you do not know who Driver B is, so there is nobody to blame.Probably better off anyway - chances are Driver B had no insurance, let alone a drivers license ... and even if they had stayed and were charged with being at fault, your own insurance would wind up repairing the damage you your vechicle.AnswerDriver B- Sounds like he was an idiot! AnswerIf driver A was "cutting up" driver B while changing lanes (e.g. sees their exit and crosses two lanes full of traffic to get to it) then they may be at fault. If driver B was frightened by this action they may leave the scene fearful that aggressive driver A is going to attack them. They may be making their way to a police station to report the incident.AnswerFrom what I understand, driver B is by default the most likely to be at fault unless the facts are reviewed and point to another conclusion, ESPECIALLY if driver B is within X car lengths of driver A. Lewis hamiltons

Who do you sue in a three car accident?

the driver at fault

Uninsured driver not at fault in accident in Texas?


What happens when there is an auto accident and neither driver is at fault?

each contributes 50% to liability or fault.

Someone hit you an Neither I or other driver has insurance on our car who is at fault?

Who is at fault has to do with the accident itself not the insurance coverage. A police report of the accident and looking at the proximate cause of the accident help determine fault.

No driver's license but involved in an accident that wasn't your fault?

Not really sure actually. In the eye of the law the accident will most likely be considered your fault.