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One can read how to finance a car with bad credit when one goes to the website of Bankrate dot com. There one can read about tips of refinancing one's car loan though one has bad credit.

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Q: Where can one read how to finance a car with bad credit?
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Can you finance a car with no credit?

its very difficult to finance car with no credit if you have some bad credit then you have chance to get car finance.

Does your credit have to be good to be financed for a car?

No, you do not have to have good credit to finance a car. There are many companies out there for those with bad credit.

You have bad credit and desperately need a newer car where can you get guaranteed car finance?

simple - Guaranteed car finance

Is 650 a bad credit score?

The credit score 650 is really not that bad. With a 650 credit score you can finance a home or car.

Can I get finance from Toyota with bad credit?

Hi i think you will struggle to buy from a main dealer if you have bad credit, i had bad credit and needed a newer car, i ended up buying a newer car from rightdrive as they offered me car finance even though i had tried almost every where else.

What are some reputable bad credit car loan companies?

There are many bad credit car loan companies that may be able to help. These include Car Finance 247, the Bristol Car Finance company and Capital One Loans.

Can you finance a used car with no credit?

Definitely you can finance a used car with no or bad credit. Actually it is very easy these days. The reason is most of the used car dealers and used car finance offer it because your used car is a collateral until you pay off the loan.

How do you finance a car with bad credit?

Sometimes you can still finance a car from a dealer with poor credit but with a higher interest rate. There are also independent car lots that will finance a car for you. The only drawbacks from an independent car lot is they usually charge more interest and down payment.

How many major dealerships offer affordable car finance options for bad credit buyers in Australia?

Unfortunately, no major dealerships offer affordable car finance options for bad credit buyers in Australia. This makes it very hard for bad credit buyers to afford cars in Australia.

Where can one find a car loan if they have bad credit?

If one was trying to find a car loan if they have bad credit there are various online company who offer this solution. Obviously the APR will probably be a lot more than usual due to the 'bad credit' bracket the person has been put under. Some of the companies are Infinity Car Finance, Car Loan 4 U, Car Finance 24/7 and Folwers Finance.

Is it possible to finance a car for a relative with bad credit who happens to live in another state?

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How can buying a new car be possible for someone with bad credit ratings?

Buying a new car is certainly possible for someone with bad credit, but it is slightly more troublesome. When one goes to finance a car one may have to pay a higher interest rate in order to finance.