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A test to measure the noise level of the exhaust system.

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Q: What is a stationary run up test for car exhaust?
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Can a car run without an exhaust manifold?

Yes. A car can run without an exhaust manifold. It will burn out the exhaust valves in the cylinders a lot faster than normal, but it can be done.

Why use double exhaust in the car?

A dual exhaust system is designed to reduce exhaust backpressure, making the engine run more efficiently.

Do electric cars give off car exhaust?

No, they dont run on gas, therefore exhaust is not giving off.

How can you turn a single exhaust car into a dual exhaust?

by having a exhaust shop weld on a y pipe then just run the dual pipes out the back

Why does my 97 firebird 3800 misfire under load with out any engine light or codes setting?

You could have a problem with exhaust back-pressure which can stem from a restricted converter. To test for this you can use an exhaust back pressure tester inserted in the upstream 02 sensor. You can also remove the upstream 02 sensor and test drive the car. There should be some improvement in the car's performance under load with the exhaust having a place to go. This will be very noisy, you will not want to run the car like this for too long.

How make car exhaust noise like sport bikes exhaust?

you need to buy what they call a tuner muffler. They run from $129.99 and up.

Performance Exhaust?

form_title= Performance Exhaust form_header= Add depth to your car with a performance exhaust. Do you do a lot of off-roading?*= () Yes () No Does your vehicle run on diesel?*= () Yes () No Will you be installing the exhaust yourself?*= () Yes () No

How do you make flames shoot out exhaust?

Flames shooting out of race car exhaust pipes is caused by unused fuel passing from the cylinder into the exhaust system and lighting by the heat of the exhaust. Race cars run a different grade of fuel than a normal passenger car so this is common. You have to really soop up a normal car engine for this to happen on a normal car.

What is Y tube?

On a car it is the tube that takes a v-8's 2 exhaust headers and combines them into a a single exhaust to run thru 1 muffler.

Why must you never run a car in a small garage?

the danger of all the exhaust, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why do car run hot and white smoke from exhaust?

This can be caused by a cracked head or blown head gasket.

Can car being not run for 5 months cause white smoke from the tailpipe?

White smoke from the exhaust is a symptom of moisture in the combustion chamber. If you see it after that initial startup, then suspect a blown head gasket. A compression test will verify this.