What do you call your personal car driver?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What do you call your personal car driver?
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What do you call a person that drives a car for a wealthy person?

A hired driver for personal transport it a chauffeur.

What do you call someone who operates a car?

a driver

What if the car belong to the owner of the car that is driving?

You must be the owner's personal driver, I guess.

What do you call a person that drives a motor car?

a motor car driver

What do you call the person who sits beside the driver in a car?

The passenger.

What do you call a person who drivers a car?

A person thaat drive a car is called a driver.

Can a driver with points get pip insurance in Ohio?

Ok, Personal Injury Protection, (PIP), is the name of the coverage which pays for your injuries after a car accident, it is something we sign up for when we start our car insurance policies. In order to figure out if you have Personal Injury Protection, start with a call to your insurance company. They can tell you in this first call if you have medical coverage for your injuries.

What happens if you trade for a car but no not have an operator's license?

Driver licenses are not required as a condition of car ownership. However, you will need a licensed driver to deliver the car to your garage from the place of swap or purchase. You will need a licensed driver thereafter, or to obtain your own driver license, in order to use the car for your personal transporatation needs.

What does the phrase you call shotgun mean?

"I call shotgun" means that you call the seat next to the driver in a car. This originates from the Old West, where the man beside the driver guarded the coach with a shotgun.

What is the name for the person on call that response to a car accident?

Tow truck driver.

What should you do about knowing the hit and run driver who damaged your car?

Call the police.

What do we sometimes call the man who gets his living as the driver of a private motor car?