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Could be your ac compressor is going or gone, probably gone.

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Q: Why does the engine quit running when you turn the air conditioning on?
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Does running the AC in a car affect the battery when not moving?

For most cars the air conditioning is powered by a belt from the engine and even if the car is only idling it will be running without any meaningful effect on the car's battery. For some hybrid drive cars the air conditioning is powered electrically, so that it can work even with the engine off. These will drain the car's battery some, but the air conditioning controller will automatically turn off the air conditioning before this becomes a problem then turn it back on as soon as the engine is automatically restarted when it is again needed to drive the car.

When your 97 town car ac is on the idle speed changes?

Running your Air Conditioning puts a load on the engine - this is normal, the engine is working harder when you turn it on. You'll get worse gas mileage as a result.

Why does your pride quit running after awhile beeps to much to count?

It runs a while then quit turn off key itworks then quit gogo pride scooter

Should you turn off your vents in your basement when using your dehumidifer with your air conditioning running in the house?

No. While in air conditioning mode, the air will assist in the dehumidification.

Do you turn off your humidifier when you turn your air conditioning on for summer?

Yes, it would not make sense to run the ac and dehumidify when also running the humidifier.

1993 Buick quit running?

If the engine will not turn over, replace the battery. If it will turn over but not start, check the fuel filter. Remove it and turn the key on. It should spray fuel on the ground. If it doesn't, replace the fuel pump. First thing to do, however, is check all the fuses.

What does the snowflake symbol on citroen xsara Picasso mean?

The snowflake symbol is the button you press to activate your A/C or air conditioning, turn your blower rotary switch to auto and it should start, as long as engine is running,.. seemples!!

Is the engine fan supposed to turn when the vehicle is turn on?

A fan that is connected to the engine will turn whenever the engine is running, an electric fan will only run when the engine is at the proper temperature, some also turn on whenever the AC is on.

How do you turn off the headlights while the engine is running on a 2003 Toyota Tundra?

If you are parked with the motor running, engage the parking/emergency brake. Turn the ignition off and restart the engine. The daytime running lights should not be on.

What will cause a 96 Ram 2500 V6 to just stop running and not start again?

your fuel pump could have quit, but if the truck was running when it happened its unlikely. you may have a clogged fuel line or filter. an if the engine doesnt turn over at all then check your oil. if you got an oil leak an didnt know it you may have seized the engine.

Why is the air conditioning fan still running when you turn off your car?

It's probably the catalytic converter fan; not the a/c fan.

Why is on one engine fan not running?

turn on your ac and see if it comes on then