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It wooden run.

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Q: What happened to the wooden car with the wooden wheels and the wooden engine?
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What problem did dr cranium fogg have after spending 10 million dollars to build a wooden car with a wooden engine and wooden wheels?

It wooden go

What is the answer to page 13.13 in Punchline Algebra book B What problem did DrCranium Fogg have after Spending 10 million dollars to build a wooded car with a wooden engine and wooden wheels?

"it wooden go" .(:

What makes fast car wheels?

A short stroke Nissan engine with a high performance transmission. That makes a car's wheels fast. Or an engine with High torque.

Slowest car ever?

Probably a car without an engine or any wheels.

What is a four wheel drive car?

Its a car where all four wheels are powered by the engine. Or A Car's all wheel run by engine

How does a car's engine turn the wheels of the car?

It doesn't it provides hydraulic pressure but steering linkage is independent of the engine.

What is a 98 Cadillac DeVille?

A car with 4 wheels and an engine.

Where can one have access to a shock absorber?

A shock absorber can be found underneath the engine in a car between the engine and the wheels. It is is used to absorb the impact that the wheels hitting the road can have on the car. It can be seen and accessed from beneath the car.

What are major parts of a rocket car?

The major parts of the rocket car is the engine and the wheels.

When a cars wheels turn the wheels push backwards on the road what is it that makes the car go forward?


What is the Force engine provides the wheels of the car equation?

Thrust or friction

Why the back wheels of a car are generally attached or controlled by the engine?

not sure