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Cars and humans both require fluid coolants to operate properly. Cars need antifreeze/coolant to prevent overheating or freezing. Humans need coolant to hydrate, lubricate joints, aid digestion, and a host of other vital body functions. In regards to how our cooling systems are similar, a car has channels for the coolants to run along inside the engine and a radiator to dissipate heat from the coolant before returning it to the engine. We have blood, which serves as our primary body fluid for cooling. Blood supplies everything in the body, so when it is cooler, the entire body is cooler. Much like the channels in an engine, the veins in our bloodstream carry fresh coolant everywhere it is needed. To dissipate heat buildup, we sweat, serving as a radiator of sorts. Hope this clears things up!

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Q: What are the similarities between a car and human cooling system?
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