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If a car is shaking when the brakes are being applied, it is likely that the front end is out of alignment. The tie rod ends or shocks could also need replacing.

You may also find that the brake rotors are warped.

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Q: What causes a car to shake while braking going 80 kilometers per hour?
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What causes the steering wheel shake without braking?

You may need a wheel alignment, or you may need bushings.

What causes 2000 silverado to shake when braking?

Brake rotor/rotors are out of round / warped. Check rotors and REPLACE as needed.

What causes a car to shake while braking and also a grinding type of noise on acceleration?

Warped rotor and worn out brake pads.

What causes steering wheel to shake on Honda accord 1996?

If it varies with driving speed, look for an out-of-round tire. If it vibrates only when braking, you probably have a warped brake rotor.

Why car shake braking downhill?

u have bad roters in front

What causes car and wheels shake while driving and braking?

If it only happens when you are braking I would suspect warped brake rotors. Other reasons the front end could shake would include unbalanced tires or the vehicle needing realignment. Whatever the case may be; driving a car in this condition is unsafe and you should repair it or have it repaired before you drive it again.

What will cause a front end to shake on a Chevy Colorado when braking?

warped rotor

Will a broken motor mount cause the front end of a vehicle to shake when braking.?

not usually. warped rotors will cause a vibration during braking.

What causes your car to shake going 50 mph?

Normally this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

What causes a car shake when you apply a break going downhill?

physics involved,to keep it simple roters. 65;

Why would your 2002 eclipse shake and sometimes stall when braking hard?

Could be a vacuum leak

How do you fix the vibration at high speed and its steering wheel shake when braking just at high speed?

This can be a warped rotor or tire out of balance. If it only happens when braking it is a warped rotor.