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u have bad roters in front

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Q: Why car shake braking downhill?
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Camry shakes when braking what's wrong?

I have 98 4 cyliner automatic Toyota Camry. When I'm coming to a red light, and when I'm braking, the car begins to shake, and the shake doesn't stop even when the car is stopped. Howeverif i switch the transmission from drive to neutral, the car stops shaking. If I switch back to Drive or reverse, it car starts to shake again. What could be wrong?

What causes a car shake when you apply a break going downhill?

physics involved,to keep it simple roters. 65;

What is braking distance on a downhill slope?

decreased in proportion to the slope

Do warped rotors cause car to shake only when giving it gas?

No, warped rotors will cause vibration when braking.

What causes a car to shake while braking and also a grinding type of noise on acceleration?

Warped rotor and worn out brake pads.

What causes car and wheels shake while driving and braking?

If it only happens when you are braking I would suspect warped brake rotors. Other reasons the front end could shake would include unbalanced tires or the vehicle needing realignment. Whatever the case may be; driving a car in this condition is unsafe and you should repair it or have it repaired before you drive it again.

Why Volvo S70 shake at driver side while braking?

You need to check your brakes and rotors. Typically when the rotors go out it will make any car/ truck do that.

What are the two types of braking systems on a car?

Drum & Disc are the two types of braking systems on a car.

What will cause a front end to shake on a Chevy Colorado when braking?

warped rotor

Will a broken motor mount cause the front end of a vehicle to shake when braking.?

not usually. warped rotors will cause a vibration during braking.

Why does the car shake when braking at high speeds?

A car shaking while applying brakes is most likely caused by worn a brake pad. Check the brake system at all four wheels to find the problem.

What is wrong with your car if it shakes badly when braking while in drive sometimes dies after complete stop but doesnt shake in neautral while braking?

Nobody could answer that question without looking at your car. One of the possibilities is that your car is overheating. Check the coolant. By the way, if this is the case, and you are driving your car without coolant, stop driving right now because your car is in danger of being irreversabely ruined forever.

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