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Bluebook value plus assecories added within a year of the claim with receipt proof minus lean on vehicle. Also how frequent you claim is weighed in

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Q: How is a cash value determined for a car if its totaled?
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How is the actual cash value determined if a car is totaled?

I think it depends on your insurance company. A friend totaled a car and they based the value of 3 or 4 values. Things like Kelly Blue Book and such.

What if your car is totaled?

Get a new car. == If someone hit your car you will be paid the actual cash value of the car. If you totaled the car and had collision coverage you will be paid actual cash value, too.

How do you know how to get cash value when your car is totaled?

The insurance company will make you an offer.

If fully comprehensive do you get the full value if car gets written off?

Assuming your question is, "If you have full coverage do you get the full value of the car if it is totaled", the answer is yes. It is important that you understand the what the definition of value is in car insurance. When ever your car is totaled you will get actual cash value at the time of loss. The best resource for determining this is the NADA Guide, Actual cash value is determined by looking at a combination of items including, determining the pre-loss condition of the vehicle, the book value, and what cars of similar condition sell for in your geographic location. If you have a loan on the vehicle this is not part of the equation.

How is a car considered totaled?

When repair costs exceed 50-75% (depending on the state you live in) of the car's actual cash value before the accident.

What to do if Car totaled and no collision insurance?

If the accident was your fault you're out of luck. If you were hit by someone, their insurance will total your car and pay you for its actual cash value.

What happens your car is totaled?

If you have the proper insurance or you were hit by someone you will surrender the car and the title to the insurance company and they will pay you the actual cash value of the car before it was hit.

If a car is totaled how is the cars value determined?

its valued by however much money you can make off the scrap parts that are still okay with the vehicle.

What happens if your car is totaled and you have full coverage?

You will get actual cash value for the car and will sign the title and car over to the insurance company, unless you wish to buy it back for a reduced payout.

When an auto is totaled and the insurer takes the auto and pays the insured the actual cash value of the car at the time of the loss this is an example of?

Total loss payoff

When is your car totaled?

Your car is considered totaled when it would cost more to fix it than it is worth. when your insurance company says it is or it cost more to fix than it's worth == When the repair costs exceed 50-75% (depending on what state youre in) of the actual cash value of the car.

Do you have to accept the cash if your car is totaled or can you tell them that you want to have your car fixed?

If you have collision insurance, they will pay out up to 40-70% of the value of the car in repair costs. Over that amount, it is considered totaled., and they cut you a check for the value of the car. The percentages vary with companies, vehicle, etc. You don't have any say in it. If you have only liability insurance, you're on your own for the repairs.