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its valued by however much money you can make off the scrap parts that are still okay with the vehicle.

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Q: If a car is totaled how is the cars value determined?
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How much do you get if your car is totaled?

You will get the book value of the car. You will get what the car was worth before the crash. Any previous damage will affect the cars value.

How is the actual cash value determined if a car is totaled?

I think it depends on your insurance company. A friend totaled a car and they based the value of 3 or 4 values. Things like Kelly Blue Book and such.

If fully comprehensive do you get the full value if car gets written off?

Assuming your question is, "If you have full coverage do you get the full value of the car if it is totaled", the answer is yes. It is important that you understand the what the definition of value is in car insurance. When ever your car is totaled you will get actual cash value at the time of loss. The best resource for determining this is the NADA Guide, Actual cash value is determined by looking at a combination of items including, determining the pre-loss condition of the vehicle, the book value, and what cars of similar condition sell for in your geographic location. If you have a loan on the vehicle this is not part of the equation.

How is the value of a totaled car figured?

The cars are usually put up for bid and various salvage yards and independants bid on them. Highest bid gets the car.

What if your car is totaled?

Get a new car. == If someone hit your car you will be paid the actual cash value of the car. If you totaled the car and had collision coverage you will be paid actual cash value, too.

How is a cash value determined for a car if its totaled?

Bluebook value plus assecories added within a year of the claim with receipt proof minus lean on vehicle. Also how frequent you claim is weighed in

What is considered totaled in a car accident?

A car is considered "totaled" if the cost of repairs is equal to, or greater than, the blue book value of the vehicle.

Your new car got hit by a truck that was hit by a bus can you get compensated for the loss of value on the car?

Was the car totaled? Are we talking about diminished value? Has the owner of the bus company admitted fault? Has the owner of the truck admitted fault? Is there collision insurance on the car? If we are talking about a diminished value claim you have at best a 50/50 chance of getting additional compensation beyond the cost of repairs. If the car was totaled then some companies offer full replacement on new cars. It

What makes a car totaled?

The cost of damage to the car is greater then the street value of the car.

Does state farm insurance use the trade in value or the retail value of a car to determine the value of a car if totaled?

They use a market value guide.

Can auto body shops fix a totaled car?

The definition of a totaled car is when the repair cost of the vehicle exceeds the actual value of the vehicle. Hence, although it is unadvisable, it is possible for an auto body shop to fix a totaled car, depending on how severe the damage was.

How do you know how to get cash value when your car is totaled?

The insurance company will make you an offer.