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If you continue to drive your car while the timing is off,your motor will start to act a little funny.I would NOT suggest you continously drive your car like that.

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Q: What will happen if you continue to drive your car while the timing is off?
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What happens to your car if you continue to drive it while the timing is off?

You'll damage (probably seriously) the engine and related components such as the transmission and drive-shaft - how bad will depend on how "off" the timing is.

What would happen if a 2006 Dodge Stratus timing belt broke while driving at 25 mph?

A timing belt failure normally trashes the engine.

Why does a 96 crown vic keep running after the key is out?

Run-on or (Diesel ) is caused by low grade fuel. Also if the timing is set a little too high, meaning you need higher octane this will happen. Have the timing checked, lower it by a few degrees. With the price of high octane, a lower timing in the engine is the best solution. If you continue to have problems, make sure the idle rpm of the engine is not too high, if it is high, reset to factory spec's. If you still have problems, just turn the engine off while still in drive, then put it in park.

How do you replace the timing belt located on a 2000 sentra?

You will have to remove the drive belts from the front/ side of engine along with vibration pulley dampener, and accessory drive, then remove timing cover assembly and you will expose the timing belt, ensure that you sent your timing marks and TDC before removing and replacing timing belt, ensure not to rotate engine while timing belt is removed and re assemble in reverse order.

How many stoned driving accidents happen yearly?

150 yearly acidents happen because people drive while high

When timing belt breaks while running can valves hit the pistons?

It can happen in some vehicles. That's one of the reasons so many manufacturers have a time schedule for replacing the timing belt.

What is the longest one can go before changing the timing belt in a Honda Odyssey?

Timing belts last about 70,000 miles. You should change the water pump while you're in there; Honda likes to drive them off the timing belt, they wear out about as fast as the timing belt does, and since you're in there anyway...

What are the dangers of timing belt breaking while driving?

Slim, but it has happened to me two times over the last 40 years and I drive a lot;

Will a bad timing belt cause the engine to shut off while driving sometimes?

A bad timing belt could make the engine shut down but it would only happen once, not sometimes.

Should the fule pump continue to run while you drive?

Your fuel pump should ALWAYS run while you drive, because it's electric and if the fuel pump wasn't running the gas wouldn't move through the car.

Can you drive with a worn tie-rod?

Not a good idea. Just think what would happen if it broke while you were driving.

What is timing belt in engine?

A timing belt is a belt that usually features teeth on the inside surface, while a timing chain is a roller chain. Most modern production automobile engines utilize a timing belt or chain to synchronize crankshaft and camshaft rotation; some engines instead utilize gears to directly drive the camshafts.