What physical discomfort is normal after an orchiectomy?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Some pain and swelling is also normal; the doctor will usually prescribe a pain-killing medication to be taken for a few days.

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Q: What physical discomfort is normal after an orchiectomy?
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What is the main reason for electing to perform a subcapsular orchiectomy?

This type of orchiectomy is done primarily to keep the appearance of a normal scrotum.

What is another word for orchiectomy?

Another word for orchiectomy is castration

Six causes of insomnia?

The six causes of insomnia include illness,significant stress life,physical and emotional discomfort,interferences in the normal sleep schedule,medication and discomfort at night.

Which is a feeling for physical discomfort caused by the bodys need for nutrients?

Which is a feeling of physical discomfort caused by the body's need for nutrients?

Why is the inguinal orchiectomy called a radical orchiectomy?

It is called a radical orchiectomy because the surgeon removes the entire spermatic cord as well as the testicle itself.

Is one ball being bigger than the other normal?

Yes, it is quite normal as long as the difference is not extreme. However, if it causes physical discomfort, or pain, or is discoloured, or bruised, you should have it checked by a doctor.

When is a subcapsular orchiectomy performed?

A subcapsular orchiectomy is also performed for treatment of prostate cancer.

What does a cancer patient's recovery depend on following an orchiectomy?

Normal results depend on the location and stage of the patient's cancer at the time of surgery.

Orchiectomy is the surgical pain full?

Well from what i can tell of reading up on this question while it is not terribly painful it can be uncomfortable though often worth the discomfort. from all that i have read about this the patients were under local anesthetic.

What is the medical term meaning bilateral orchiectomy?

Bilateral orchiectomy is the medical term meaning castration.

What are the three types of orchiectomy?

There are three basic types of orchiectomy: simple, subcapsular, and inguinal (or radical).

Designed to minimise physical effort and discomfort?