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Yes, you can but you have to rest back and elevate legs every two hours.

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Q: Can you drive a long way if im 8 months pregnant?
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How many months pregnant is Alicia way?

Alicia is 4 months pregnant

How long do pregnant border terriers carry for?

Dogs of all breeds gestate (are pregnant) for approximately 3 months, give or take a few days either way.

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well it matters i have a super long drive way my friend has a very short drive way

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A cat is pregnant for about 65 days. A variation of four days either way is not unusual, so the whole cat gestation period may be as short as 61 days or as long as 69.

When do you stop riding a pregnant horse in horse back riding way?

You can ride the mare up until she is five months pregnant.

Is there a way you can cancel out the Depo-Provera shot so you can get pregnant?

No there is not an injection to cancel the depo injection you have o wait out the whole 12 weeks.After the injection wheres off it may take up to 12 months even loger for your menstrual cycle to come back and for you to fall pregnant.

You have not had your period in 4 months what could this mean?

It could mean you are four months pregnant, you are going through menopause or you have a bad infection.Either way check with your doctor.

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How many months are you if I'm 33 weeks pregnant?

Four weeks in a month. Thirty-two divided by four is eight. If you are 32 weeks pregnant, you are 8 months along. Another way to look at it is the human gestation is 40 weeks. Forty minus 32 is 8 (two months--40 calendar weeks is a day or so less 10 calendar months, a calendar month is an average 30 days). You're in the home stretch.

Is there a way you can get your pregnant girlfriend in the mood for sex?

Many pregnant women find that their sex drive fluctuates throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Some times it is high, and some others it is low or non-existant. Remember that your girlfriend will feel very body conscious during pregnancy, especially in the later stages, when she will be bigger and uncomfortable. Her sex drive may also be dampened for fear of harming the unborn child at later stages.

How long does it take to take a baby out of a palomino horse?

Palomino is a color and not a breed! All horses have the same gestational length of roughly 11 months. Some may go over or under a few weeks but this is okay. A horses color in no way affects how long it will be pregnant for.

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