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Q: What is the green stuff in your mouth?
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What happens when green stuff comes out of your finger?

The green stuff that comes out of your mouth is actually not good.When it ever comes out of your mouth you should get ready and go to the doctor.It may be a bad infection.

Do fish poo out green stuff?

Yes they do when you feed them fish they poo out fish. If you feed them green stuff they poo out green stuff

How come when you smell sour stuff you taste the sour in your mouth?

why would blue stuff come out mouth when pill overdosed

How two eat turkey with your mouth?

stuff your mouth in it and chew and then swallow.

How do you eat plastic?

you stuff it in your mouth

When was Foot in Mouth - Green Day album - created?

Foot in Mouth - Green Day album - was created in 1998.

How do you give a rabbit bananas?

stuff it in its mouth!

The stuff that comes out of a grasshoppers mouth?


How much food can you stuff in your mouth?

a lot

How many burgers can a person stuff in their mouth?

I think a person can stuff just one.

What is the little green thing in your green leave?

chroroplast, the green stuff that makes the leaves green.

What is the correct way to eat pie?

stuff it in your mouth.