What is th meaning of imba?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Apparently, Imba means 'Imbalanced'.

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Q: What is th meaning of imba?
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What does IMBA stand for?

IMBA International Mountain Bicycling Association IMBA Imbalance (online games) IMBA Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (Austrian Academy of Sience) IMBA Integration Von Menschen Mit Behinderungen in Die Arbeitswelt (German: ergonomics)IMBA International Masters of Business Administration IMBA International Morab Breeders Association (Sanford, ME) IMBA Integrated Modules for Bioassay Analysis IMBA Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Science IMBA Internationale Motorsport Bond voor Amateurs IMBA Information Management Business Area IMBA Incorporated Master Builders Association IMBA Irish Masters of Beagles Association (UK)IMBA Internet Masters of Business Administration

When was NCKU IMBA created?

NCKU IMBA was created in 1956.

What is the motto of NCKU IMBA?

NCKU IMBA's motto is 'IIMBA UP!'.

What does imbarest mean?

imba = strong +est the best imba one

What is imba in dOta?

The word imba is a shortened form for the word imbalanced. This refers to certain items or heroes that imbalance the game. Rikimaru was once considered imba, but later corrections balanced him out.

Full form of imba?

Imbalanced ...

What does imba means?

Imbalanced... In internet slang...

What is the function of the auditor Be Imba?

The Be Imba! Character Auditor is a program that people can use for the online game "World of Warcraft". The function of the auditor is to assist players with the setup of their characters.

What is the meaning of imba?

IMBA means IMBAlance some people used this as a reaction. IN GAMING: Imba can be applied to a subject in gaming(Weapon,army,race,role or job) which can be either too strong(Overpowered,Or OP) or (Underpowered,Or UP). Although the word IMBA can be applied to both OP and UP,it is mostly used to describe an in-game subject which is too strong. Tagalog: from what i could glean from my friends who use that term (most are male), i think it's a term that came from ragnarok, DOTA and other popular online games. in context i think it means 'awesome' or 'unbelievable.' usually their conversations go this way: "napanood mo ba yung laro kanina?" "oo pare, imba si kobe. galing, sobra." "wow, imba yung thesis defense mo kanina, pare. siguradong kwatro ka na ka sa card niyan."

Is it possible to obtain energy from the gases found in planet Jupiter?

no because i am imba

What is th meaning of espect?


What is the Luhya translation of sing?

The African Luhya translation of the English word "Sing" is "Imba".