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Maybe she just didn't want to give you a hug! Or she could or been in a rush. You could have said something to anger or annoy her. Ask her!

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Q: What does it mean if your girlfriend doesn't hug you goodbye?
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If you like a guy but you've never hugged and he has a girlfriend and you know he at least somewhat likes you would it be weird to hug him and if not how could i do it without it being awkward?

Well it wouldn't really hurt anyone, Just cause you hug somebody who has a girlfriend, doesnt mean that they're cheating or anything, so go for it girl. You can hug him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend gives your a friend hug goodbye?

He probably just feels a genuine affection for her.

How do you know whether your girlfriend has another boyfriend or not?

you know when she doesnt talk to you that much and she doesnt let you hug her or kiss her and she runs away alot that's when you know she has another boyfriend

When is a good time to hug your girlfriend?

When you first see her If she seems uncertain of herself If she's cold If she says something really nice or sweet to you Always when you say goodbye

What does it mean when a guy doesnt want to hug you?

It means that he is being a stupid cockface just like every other boyfriend in the world. Or you need to take a shower....JK.=)

What do you do if a boy hugs you?

Well usually when a guy hugs you its eaither a goodbye hug or a hello hug if its a hello hug, just hug him back then start a conversation like so whats up, how is your day going , etc. If its a goodbye hug just hug him and say well it was nice talking to you ,or bye have a nice day, or you can just say bye and smile :) hope that helps.

How should you hug your girlfriend?

I am personally a girl, & how you should hug your girlfriend is wrap your arms around her waist,some girls like it when you hug their waist from behind! i'm sure i do!

What does it mean when you dream your best guy friend asked for a hug and a kiss goodbye?

It means you really like him alot and that you wish that could happen.

Is it okay to give a goodbye hug in the car?

yeah of course its ok

You got your first girlfriend today what do you do how do you act when your around with her?

start by talking to her, spending time with her. put ur arm around her. hug her whenever you guys say hi or goodbye. and most importantly, TREAT HER GOOD

Is it okay to hug other girls when the guy has a girlfriend?

Absolutely, as long as it just a friendly hug.

How do you hug your girlfriend?

* Put your arms around her am hug tight like a good young man