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technology is the best way to change your diaper

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Q: What are positive and negative aspects of societal change?
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What are positive aspects of societal change?

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Positive and negative consequences of deviance?

Positive consequences of deviance can include challenging societal norms and prompting social change. Negative consequences can involve ostracism, legal repercussions, and a breakdown of social order.

What is a negative multiplied by a negative?

negative*negative=positive negative/positive=negative negative\negative=positve negative-positive=change the sign to a plus and then change the number after the sign and get your answer negative +positive=which ever numbr is bigger minus positive+positive=positive

Do you change anything to a problem if it is a negative and a positive?

It truly depends on what the problem is, but normally a negative will change the overall answer of the sum: + and - = negative answer - and - = positive answer + and + = positive answer - and + = negative answer

Is this a positive or a negative change why?

Industrial Revolution had both negative and positive change in the Americans.

What is negative 4 minus positive 21?

the answer of negative 4 minus positive 21 is positive 25 because you leave the negative 4 as is, change the minus to a plus, and change positive 21 to negative 21. (Leave Change Change)

What are at least two positive and two negative aspects of being an incumbent?

Positive aspects of being an incumbent include name recognition among voters and access to resources for campaigning. Negative aspects may include voter fatigue or desire for change, as well as being held accountable for past decisions or actions during the term in office.

Will this entropy change by positive or negative?

If the system becomes more disordered, the entropy change will be positive. If the system becomes more ordered, the entropy change will be negative.

How do you determine negatives or positives in math equations?

Numbers are justified as positive, which is usually written as just a number but can be written with a plus (+) sign in front of the number. (e.g. 15 or +15), or negative. Negative numbers are numbers in the negative integers, or below 0. They are written with a minus (-) sign in front of them. (e.g. -15) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..::To solve remember these rules::.. When multiplying: positive x negative = negative positive x positive = positive negative x negative = positive When dividing: positive / negative = negative positive / positive = positive negative / negative = positive When adding: In a positive + negative situation, if the negative number has a higher number than the positive (e.g. -25 + 10) then the number is negative, this is always true when adding a higher negative to a positive. If the positive has a higher number (e.g. 25 + -10) then it's just the opposite, it will be a positive number. -------------You can solve these very easily: 25 + -10 --> (25) + (-10) to keep it well organized and easier to work with,now just remember "Keep Change Change"... - keep 25 as it is, change "+" to a "-" and change the "-10" to a positive 10. As a result, you will have: 25 - 10. Now solve. Answer = 15 (positive). If for instance you have a negative + positive, the same rules apply (Keep Change Change) negative + negative = negative positive + positive = positive When subtracting: negative - positive (vice versa), use Keep Change Change as you did with adding positives and negatives. negative - negative, use Keep Change Change positive - positive, use Keep Change Change if the number you are subtracting is a higher number. (e.g. 10-15) If you need anymore help, try asking a more specific question again on Wikianswers, search for math websites on the web, or ask your teacher or college professor for help.

What a positive plus a negative?

a positive plus a negative is a positive example 9-(-2) you would change the double negative to a positive hope this helped :)

Why the product of two negative numbers is positive.?

Multiplying something by a negative number makes it change signs. A positive number multiplied by a negative is negative therefore a negative * a negative is positive.

How do you change a negative number into a decimal?

You divide the negative number by a positive number for it to stay positive. And you divide the negative number by a negative number for it to become positive.