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Q: How do you place snap back on a Raymond weil geneve watch?
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How do you change the battery in geneve OGW154WR watch?

The back of the Geneve OGW154WR watch is solid and without slots. To remove the battery, the crystal and set pin need to be removed by a competent jeweler, using a tool designed for removal of the crystal. If you try to remove the crystal with a screw driver, you'll likely damage the crystal, and if you are fortunate enough to remove the crystal in tact, you won't be able to put it back in. My advice is to take this watch to a competent jeweler for service.

How do you put your watch into the time tutery watch winder?

There is a pillow in the middle that will be snug in the winder so that the watch will not fall out. Remove the pillow and place the watch around the pillow. The pillow will fit snug back into the watch winder with your watch on it while the watch is wound.

How do you put back on the battery lid on bulova watch?

To put the battery lid back onto a bulova watch, simply place the lid into the crease above the newly replaced battery. From there, screw the lid securely down onto the watch.

How do you take a back off a kahuna watch?

In order to take a back off of a Kahuna watch, you must use a small Phillip's screwdriver and remove the tiny screws keeping the back in place. Once you have accomplished that, the back should easily slide off.

How do you replace Casio 1827 watch battery?

To replace the battery in a Casio 1827 watch, place a soft cloth under the face of the watch to prevent scratches. Locate the small dent on the back of the watch and slide the blade of the knife under the back so that it pops off. Remove the old battery, replacing it with a new one and returning it to the same position. Replace the back of the watch.

How do you open the back of a AWW Co Waltham Mass key wind pocket watch to view the serial number if you do not have the key?

Place the watch face down in the palm of your left hand. Place the palm of your right hand on back of the watch. Push palms together and turn right hand counter-clockwise. Clock back should screw off. I have one watch like that, but this watch has hinges. I can get the first part open, but not the next layer to view the movement. Thanks for trying to help!

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