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RACQ provides different types of property insurance. Besides being one of the most popular providers of car insurance in Australia, they also will insure homes, trailers, boats, and contents of rental homes.

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Q: What types of insurance does RACQ Insurance provide?
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How can one get a quote for RACQ car insurance?

One can get a quote for RACQ or Royal Automobile Club of Queensland car insurance by requesting a quote from one of the representatives that can be contacted via the website.

Where can one learn more about RACQ travel insurance?

There are many ways to learn about RACQ travel insurance. The best way is to visit their official website. They should have all the information you should require.

Whose The Actor In the latest RACQ advertisements?

who are the actors in the latest RACQ inurance advertisement

From what point is the distance measured from in sydney For example from Sydney to Melbourne?

Most sites such as the RACQ Travel Planner measure from the CBD, specifically George Street.

Can you drive in Italy with an Australian driver's license?

Yes, but ... you need either and IDP issued by an AAA affiliate in Australia (RACV, NRMA, RACQ etc) or an official translation of your license into Italian.

What does RACQ stand for?

Royal Automobile Club of Queenslanddnt worry i thought it was race around corners quickly but i was wrongRACQ stands for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland. Twelve men formed the club in 1905 at the School of Arts on Ann Street. The club received a Royal Charter in 1921.

Does a 1991 Ford Laser have a baby anchor bolt?

If you have a hatchback their are usually 3 anchor points and you can find them on the inside of the boot between the floor and where the latch is, just look for a small round plastic disc about the size of a 50c coin, you just pop it out. You can also visit racq or some anmbulance stations will install one for you.

Nissan Pulsar 2000 model N16 engine turns over tries to fire but will not start is there any common faults the car has 110 000 km?

There was a N16 recall do to with the oxygen sensor. One day the car just refused to start. RACQ arrived and the guy said it was the Oxygen sensor and so it was towed to a dealer and the sensor changed. Was alright after that.

How long does it take to drive from Brisbane to Cairns?

1,681 km - about 22 hours 14 mins per Google Maps This can be done in around 18 hours depending on speed and the number of breaks. 18 hours would be no breaks and breaking the speed limit. 22 is about right for two drivers. Longer if it's one driver taking the recommended breaks. The RACQ Trip planner recommends a minimum of 22 hours. This does not include breaks. Even with two drivers, it would take longer, simply because although one is not driving all the time, it is still necessary to physically get out of the car and take regular breaks. It can be easily travelled in three days, allowing for proper stops along the way. It should be remembered that Google Maps are less accurate on travelling times and distances than some Australian-based travel planner sites, such as the RACQ.

Where can one get car valuations done in Australia?

You may find free quote for your car at First Cash for car

What is the distance in kilometres from Gold Coast Australia to Dysart Australia?

There are 2 locations in Australia called "Dysart", one in Queensland, the other in Tasmania.Gold Coast to Dysart in Queensland is 1013 km, and takes about 12 hours to travel.Gold Coast to Dysart in Tasmania 2371 km, including road travel and Bass Strait (between Melbourne and Devonport). Travelling time - 35 hours, including 11 hours of ferry travel.Note that Tasmania is an Island south of the mainland of Australia. So a ferry or plane will be needed to cross!Use or RACQ Travel Planner

What is the shortest way to drive from Rockhampton to Toowoomba?

The shortest way from Rockhampton to Toowoomba is not the quickest, as the road can be gravel or winding. This route goes through Port Curtis, Moongan, Baree, Mount Morgan, Dululu, Orange Creek, Prospect, Camboon, Eidsvold West, Hawkwood, Cadarga, Fairyland, Jinghi, Jandowae and Dalby. This route is 589km but the RACQ Trip Planner states it can take 12 hours to travel! The fastest way from Rockhampton to Toowoomba is via Theodore and Taroom. This way, the road distance is 640km and takes about 7 and a half hours to travel.