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Q: Does Q10 help with breathing problems?
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Where can on go to get help with breathing problems?

If you are having breathing problems the best place to go is to your physician to get checked out and to find out what the cause is and what they can do to help you. If it's an emergency you should always go to the ER first.

What is the name of people that help people with breathing problems?

Resportory therapist

Will deep breathing help with respiratory problems?

Yes it does, it is the respiratory system, meaning breathing system. :D

Does having adjustments help with breathing problems?

Adjustments, more commonly known as spinal manipulation, may be able to help some breathing problems. The biggest determinant will be what is causing the breathing problems. Spinal manipulation can increase the mobility of the thoracic spine and ribs which can make breathing easier. Also, manipulation may increase the function of muscles involved in breathing, again, making breathing easier. However, spinal manipulation has not been shown with scientific research to affect airway obstructions caused by asthma, allergies, emphysema, etc. Thus, if your breathing problems are purely mechanical (rib or spine dysfunction) then spinal manipulation will likely help 100%. If your breathing problems are caused by a conditions such as asthma, the spinal manipulation may make breathing a bit easier and improve quality of life, but it will not solve your will still need medical care.

What is Q10 value?


Does q10 thins blood?

does q10 thin blood

What kind of effect does coenzyme q10 have?

Coenzyme q10's main function is creating energy for the body and is also said to help fight aging. It has also been shown to be very good for your heart.

Can airbag deployment cause long term breathing problems?

probably not unless you already have breathing problems

i have wheezing and breathing problems , how do i cure them without steroids?

how do i cure wheezing and breathing problems without steroids and or an inhaler..

What role does coenzyme q10 play in human metabolism?

Coenzyme Q10 stimulates the lipid metabolism which in turn affects the body's ability to break down food into energy.

Do breathing problems to pugs happen frequently?

yes puggles could die from breathing problems as most dogs do depending on age and health problems.

Which cream has q10 vitamins in it?

Oligodermie Cream Q10 With Vitamin E Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Cream Colose Night Cream Multi-Active with Q10 mentioned above are few skin creams which has Q10 vitamins in them. Based on your specification you can contact the local pharmacist to prescribe a cream for you