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Fructose is a sugar found in fruit and honey. It is a monosacchardide.

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light corn syrup

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Q: What is the common name for fructose?
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Common name of fructose?

A common name for fructose is corn syrup. Fructose is the sugar that is found in fruit. Corn syrup is used in cooking. If corn syrup is used in a recipe, it will usually call for less sugar to be added.

What do glucose and fructose have in common?

Glucose and fructose have some things in common. The most common thing they have is that they are both simple sugars.

What are common monosaccharides?

Glucose and fructose.

What are three forms of monosaccharides?

Three forms of monosaccharides are glucose, fructose, and galactose. They are the simplest form of carbohydrates and serve as the basic units of energy for living organisms.

Name the sugar which is found in fruit?

Fruitcose and Glucose [fructose, might be the same as fruitcose]

Table sugar is the common name for?

The scientific name for table sugar is Sucrose, which is a disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose. It's molecular formula is C12H22O11. Yum!

What are two common monosaccharides?

Glucose and fructose are two common monosaccharides. Glucose is a simple sugar found in many fruits and is a primary source of energy for the body. Fructose is another simple sugar found in fruits and honey.

What monosaccharides is responsible for the sweet taste of fruit?

Many, especially sweet ones. To name a few, apples, pears, and bananas.

What are the other isomers of fructose?

The other isomers of fructose include D-fructose, L-fructose, and D,L-fructose. These isomers differ in the arrangement of functional groups around the asymmetric carbon atoms, leading to different spatial structures. Fructose typically refers to the D-fructose isomer, which is the most common form found in nature.

What do the molecules glucose and fructose have in common?

They bond together and form a disaccharide.

What monosaccharide is found in fruit?

The monosaccharide found in fruit is typically fructose.

Can you name one or two monosaccharides made by plants?

Glucose and fructose are monosaccharides made by plants. Glucose is a simple aldose, fructose is a ketose.