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Yes. The coverage for theft or any other cause of personal item off premises is equal to up to 10% of your contents coverage. You must also take into account that certain type of personal items have a limit on them for theft including jewelry, guns, silver, fine art, etc. Depending on your policy, there are limits on these items unless you schedule them separately on the policy as an inland marine floater.

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Q: Does Homeowner's cover theft of personal property away from home?
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Will homeowners insurance cover theft away from home?

Yes it may. Your personal property coverage is usually available worldwide.

Is the theft of a dog insured by homeowners policy?

No, homeowners insurance is Property Insurance, it does not cover loses or damages resulting from our choice of pet ownership.

Does homeowner insurance cover someone else property also from theft?

No. A homeowners insurance policy is specific to the property of the named insured.

Does car insurance cover theft of personal property out of vehicle?

no Covering theft of personal property in car insurance does not arise at all. You can opt for transit or personal baggage policy coverage.

Will homeowners cover tire theft?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

If your golf clubs totaling 2300 are stolen from your vehicle parked in front of your house is it covered by homeowners insurance?

Should be. Theft is a covered peril for personal property and personal property located in the vehicle does not change anything. Your automobile policy wont cover the golf clubs. //

Does home insurance cover stolen property?

i assume here you are talking about personal property? that is stolen? most do have personal property coverage, however there are strictly ''dwelling policys'' that cover that only the dwelling.......also there are some policys that cover personal property but not for the 'peril' of theft.....

Will insurance cover theft of property from your house?

Yes, that coverage should be under the personal property section of your policy.

If your motorcycle without theft coverage was stolen out of a neighbor's garage will their homeowners insurance cover it?

No, Your neighbor has a home insurance policy to cover his owned property. Homeowners insurance is specific to the named insured and the insured's scheduled property. Homeowners Insurance does not cover automobiles or motorcycles at all and does not cover property belonging to third parties except in very narrow circumstances. Personal Property coverage excludes motorized vehicles except lawnmowers, golf carts, off-road ATVs, vehicles for the handicapped. If it is a vehicle intended to be licensed for road use, it is excluded under residential building policies.

Does a homeowners policy cover personal property in a storage shed away from your home and would it pay up to your policy limit?

Your personal property is covered while it is in a storage facility for the perils listed in the policy. A theft loss at the facility may have limitations of coverage in some policies. Refer to your homowners policy; Coverage C-Personal Property, it is easy and fun reading!

Does homeowners insurance cover theft if your policy lapsed?


Does homeowner insurance cover vandalism to your car and money taken?

Homeowners will not cover anything that happens to your vehicle, it's excluded. Money or personal property not commonly used with an automobile (music cd's, gps, radar etc.) would be covered if "off premises theft" is included on your Homeowners policy subject to policy limitations and deductible.