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Q: Do you need to carry on paying car insurance after you have an accident?
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Can you still collect on your own insurance without paying the deductible after an accident.?

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle you can collect from your insurance company for the damages. You will not have to pay the deductible if you were determined by the insurance company to not be at fault for the accident. They then go after the other insurance company to get the money they paid you back. If you do not carry collision coverage then you need to file with other insurance company, they will then decide who was at fault for the accident if their party was at fault they then pay you for the damages to your vehicle.

Do I need to carry Motorcycle insurance?

It may be necessary to carry motorcycle insurance if the state your vehicle is registered in requires it. In any case, it is probably worth the relatively small upfront cost to carry motorcycle insurance to avoid any expensive liability in the case of an accident.

If you need a nee replacement can you use sick and accident insurance?

if i need nee replacement can i clam it on accident insurance

As a horse trainer or riding instructor do you need to carry insurance?

Yes. If you don't have it you could be majorly screwed if there was an accident and you were held responsible.

What can you do if you have liability who was hit by someone with liability insurance?

If you have liability for an accident, you will need to contact your insurance company. If you do not have liability insurance, you may need to pay for the accident out of pocket.

Do I need an insurance attorney to negotiate for me when I get into an accident?

Yes, you need an insurance attorney to negotiate for you when you get into an accident. You can read more at › Injury FAQs

What type of liability insurance should a nonprofit corporation need to carry?

Just one that cover the basic needs, to not expend a lot of money. That way it doesn't loose money paying for insurance.

Do I need to report an accident to my insurance if I had the accident in my husbands car and his policy covered it?


Do you need to keep paying for home insurance when your home is being sold due to foreclosure?

Yes, you need/should keep paying for the insurance until you are not on the title anymore.

Why would one need car insurance?

You need car insurance to protect yourself in the case of an accident. Insurance will pay for the medical bills related to your recovery and will also protect you from being sued if you are at fault for the accident.

What do you need when you've received a summons stating you are being sued for a car accident which occurred 18 months ago?

You should call your insurance co. first. They will have the information you need. If you did not have insurance at the time of the accident or have changed insurance carriers since the accident consult an attorney.

Why do you need insurance if all you have is a permit?

because you can still get into an accident