Why would one need car insurance?

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You need car insurance to protect yourself in the case of an accident. Insurance will pay for the medical bills related to your recovery and will also protect you from being sued if you are at fault for the accident.

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Q: Why would one need car insurance?
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Related questions

Can you get car insurance if you don't have a car?

You can't...but why would you? Car insurance is to protect a car. If you don't have one, it doesn't need to be protected.

Why would one need Saab insurance?

One may need Saab insurance to insure the potential of damage to their car. Car insurance is available through many companies include GEICO and State Farm.

Is Liberty Mutual one of the Texas car insurance providers?

Yes you can in fact get Liberty One car insurance in Texas. If you need car insurance in that state, they will be a great option for you to consider.

If your 22 year old son has his own car and insurance and he wanted to borrow your car one day - would he be covered because he has his own car insurance or would you have to add him to yours?

your liability insureance should grant him coverage, but you need to check your insurance plan to be sure.

What is the lowest rate for car insurance?

In order to figure out what would be the lowest car insurance, one would need to know one's financial history and driving history. Having a bad credit or a lot of accidents can drastically increase rates.

Where would one find good car insurance if one was a new driver?

One would find good car insurance if one was a new driver at insurance companies that are known to be reputable. Companies that offer car insurance for new drivers are: State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide.

I need my progressive car insurance ID card?

I would call them directly, we cannot give you one here.

What benefits would one derive from being the owner of car insurance?

The benefits about being the owner of car insurance is a lot of people buy car insurance that they get paid for. Cost of Insurance for a luxury car would be expensive and they get a lot of money.

How would one register a cargo carrier?

One would have to register a cargo carrier by purchasing insurance on your car which protects you if any accidents happen due to the cargo carrier and you would also need cargo insurance.

Where can one get friendly car insurance quotes?

One can get friendly car insurance quotes from your local insurance agent, such as State Farm or Geico. It is important you give them all the information they need.

Why would one need third party insurance coverage?

One needs a 3rd party insurance coverage to cover for damage for vehicle or property. This kind of insurance covers injury of others, including passengers in the car.

When would you use a direct line insurance car?

One would use a direct line car insurance if one wants to have multi-car insurance, vandalism protection, guaranteed repairs for 5 years and 24/7 emergency helpline.

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