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Yes. You can burst a person's eardrum by striking them near their ear.

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Q: Can you burst an eardrum by hitting someone?
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What sound can burst your eardrum?

any noise over 120 db can burst your eardrum

If you had a burst eardrum that healed and you plan on flying soon will it burst again?


Can one person clapping burst your eardrum if they are 5 feet away from you?


How can you burst an eardrum?

Too much pressure can rupture an eardrum. For example, I ruptured my brother's eardrum many years ago with one of those pool noodles. We were fighting with them in the pool and I smacked him in the side of the head with it. The force of impact directly over his ear created enough pressure inside of his ear cavity to actually rupture his eardrum. Another thing that can rupture/burst an eardrum is simply sticking something that doesn't belong inside of your ear too deep, physically puncturing the eardrum. Although eardrums can burst, they can also heal. However, the older you get, the more difficult it becomes for your body to repair an eardrum.

How can your eardrum burst?

The eardrum is essentially the membrane of the ear that absorbs sound waves. Since this is essentially skin, it is possible to heal, however if ruptured it can be severe. Delving deeper, the eardrum is a very, very sensitive instrument. It works in a process, and I'd need to know exactly what you mean by "burst and eardrum" to respond.

Why your eardrum burst inwardly under deep sea?

Because the surrounding water pressure will push it that way.

Can you burst your tear duct?

Yes, you can by hitting it or knocking it really hard it might burst which means you won't be able to cry or stuff like that.

How long will a burst eardrum drain?

A ruptured tympanic membrane (aka - a burst ear-drum) will drain pus and mucus from the middle ear until the hole within the tympanic membrane has sealed over. Therapy usually involves antibiotic ear-drops and sometimes oral antibiotics, too.

How does rainfall weather a rock?

because of the constant water hitting it until it expands then burst.

How does rainfall weather rocks?

because of the constant water hitting it until it expands then burst.

What does a burst eardrum feel like?

Your eardrum may burst if you keep listening to incredibly loud noise or if a lot of air pollution gets in your ear. If you're in an incredibly noisy place like in the construction site, your nerve signal usually tells you to stay away. If your eardrum burst, you can't hear anything, which means you're deaf. If there's a lot of air pollution, you better stay away as well because it doesn't only affect your lung causing lung cancer or pneumonia, it also affects your ear making your eardrum burst. In the past, most construction workers gets their eardrum burst but now they wear earplugs to protect their ears

Does a burst ear drum hurt?

A burst eardrum is when the thin flap of skin in your ear leading towards your cochlea vibrates too much and tears, this causes the liquid from your cochlea to flow out of your ear, this can be very painful and lead to not being able to work out which way up you are as the liquid inside your cochlea tells you what way up you are by settling. E.Hannon