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about 5 weeks

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โˆ™ 2008-10-30 01:19:22
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Q: Your quant pregnancy test was 1000 how far are you along?
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Can a blood test tell you how far along in pregnancy you are?

hcg quant will give an estimated range

What tests does your doctor do to check for pregnancy?

Urine pregnancy test, or blood which s more accate & then if it is positive they'll do a quant level to tell you how far along you are. You'll then be referred to an OB/Gyne for a pap & rouine STD testing

Does a pregnancy blood test tell you how far along you are?


Can you be to far along for a pregnancy test to come up positive?


Can a home pregnancy test detect pregnancy at 5 months along?

Yes, As Long As You Do It Right....!

What does plus and - means on a home pregnancy test?

+/plus= Pregnant -/ minus= Not pregnant On the new clearblue pregnancy test if you are pregnant then it can tell you how far along you are.

What pregnancy test displays how many weeks you are?

An ultrasound can estimate how far along you are

How far along do you have to be before it shows positive on pregnancy test?

one month

What does negative on a pregnancy test mean?

It either means you're not pregnant or not far enough along to detect the pregnancy hormone. A blood test is most accurate.

How far along do you have to be for a pregnancy test to work?

A pregnancy test is effective from as soon as two weeks after you last had sex. Check the packet on the pregnancy test to make sure the one you use is effective that soon into pregnancy, or you can see your doctor for more accurate testing.

Where can you have a paternity test done before the baby is born?

How far along in a pregnancy before a paternity test can be done

How far along in the pregnancy do you have to be to get a DNA test?

Your baby would get the DNA test for paternity after it is born. If you are at risk for a genetic defect, then your doctor would discuss that with you during your pregnancy.

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