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about 5 weeks

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Q: Your quant pregnancy test was 1000 how far are you along?
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What tests does your doctor do to check for pregnancy?

Urine pregnancy test, or blood which s more accate & then if it is positive they'll do a quant level to tell you how far along you are. You'll then be referred to an OB/Gyne for a pap & rouine STD testing

Can you be to far along for a pregnancy test to come up positive?


What does negative on a pregnancy test mean?

It either means you're not pregnant or not far enough along to detect the pregnancy hormone. A blood test is most accurate.

How far along in the pregnancy do you have to be to get a DNA test?

Your baby would get the DNA test for paternity after it is born. If you are at risk for a genetic defect, then your doctor would discuss that with you during your pregnancy.

You just took your pregnancy test and there was one straight line are you pregnant?

One line on a pregnancy test is negative but that doesn't mean you are definitely not pregnant as the test could of missed it or you might not be far enough along

How it is possible for some one to test negative on a simple urine test and positive on the standard test?

Pregnancy tests measure the level of hcg in your body. When you are pregnant, and as your pregnancy progresses, your hcg level rises. When you take a urine pregnancy test and it comes back negative, the level of hcg is not high enough to register on the test. When the quantitative serum pregnancy test is positive, it is a more acurate reading of how far along in your pregnancy you actually are.

How far along are most people when they get a positive result on a pregnancy test?

Far too long

Your period is one month delayi already use pregnancy test but is negative?

Wait one week (if you can, if not a few days) then take another test prefferably another brand in case something was wrong with that test. If it is still negative call your doctor. He can send you for a blood test. There are two types of blood pregnancy tests. One only gives a positive or negative, the other (Quant) tells your hgc levels. This is helpful because it tells how much of the pregnancy hormone (if any) you have which can help determine how far along you are. If the test is negative your doctor can then determine the reason for your lack of period. (It can be many things including stress, fibroids, ovarian cycts or your body is just being wacky right now.)

Can lower back pain along with nausea and swollen breasts be a symptom of pregnancy Due for pms today has not come?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test

You took a pregnancy test it came back positive your breast had dried droplets on it how long are you pregnant?

The only way to determine if youare pregnant, and how far along you- are is to have a blood test, or to have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

A doctors pregnancy test vs home pregnancy test?

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

After pregnancy test is positive can you abort the child?

A doctor have to determine how far along you are and what method to use but yes you can.