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Far too long

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Q: How far along are most people when they get a positive result on a pregnancy test?
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Can you be to far along for a pregnancy test to come up positive?


After pregnancy test is positive can you abort the child?

A doctor have to determine how far along you are and what method to use but yes you can.

You took 3 pregnancy test they came up positive but did ultra sound and seen nothing?

it depends on how far along you are supposed to be. How far along are you supposed to be??

If you got pregnant and did not know and took while pregnant will the pregnancy test be negative or positive?

Even if you didn't know you were pregnant but you were at least two weeks along, your pregnancy test will show up positive. But if you were less than two weeks along it will come out negative even if you do end up pregnant.

You can not remember when your last period was You have a positive pregnancy test How far along are you Would symptoms give you an idea?

about a few months

How far along do you have to be for a home and blood pregnancy test to be positive?

store bought pregnancy tests say they show results about 4-5 days before a missed period.

You do not get your periods nor is your pregnancy test positive since 6 weeks from date Is it tubular pregnancy?

I had an ectopic (tubular) pregnancy, and my home pregnancy test was positive by 5 weeks. I would go to your obgyn and get a blood test. They can check hormone levels to see if you are pregnant, how far along you may be, and if they feel it may be ectopic. Good Luck!

Have spottin and crampin along with the nausea and vomiting I am going on 2 weeks late for my Reg Cycle I had a neg result after taking the test on your 1 week of missing your period What should i do?

Retake a pregnancy test two to three weeks after when you were supposed to begin your period. Levels of HCG, if present, should be high enough to be read by over-the-counter pregnancy tests available at your local pharmacy or drugstore. If you get a negative or positive result, schedule an appointment with your physician to either obtain a more reliable test or guidance/advice for a positive result. If you have spotting and cramping just a few weeks after a missed period, I would say this indicates something other than pregnancy, because "morning sickness" doesn't develop until about 4-5 weeks into a pregnancy on average. Either way, take another pregnancy test and see your doctor, regardless of the result.

How many weeks do you got to be to get a positive test of pregnancy?

There are two different ways that are used in determining how many weeks along a women is actually pregnant. One way is to start counting the weeks from the first day of her last period. Another way is to start counting from the day that sexual intercourse happened that resulted in the pregnancy. Most Doctors use the first way I described to measure how far along the women is pregnant. Assuming that the women is usually regular with her periods, you should be able to get a positive test result at 3 1/2 to 4 weeks along.

How far along are you if you took a positive pregnancy test on November 23 and today is January 18?

Do a google search for due date caculators they can also give you information on each stage of pregnancy

You took a pregnancy test it came back positive your breast had dried droplets on it how long are you pregnant?

The only way to determine if youare pregnant, and how far along you- are is to have a blood test, or to have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

How it is possible for some one to test negative on a simple urine test and positive on the standard test?

Pregnancy tests measure the level of hcg in your body. When you are pregnant, and as your pregnancy progresses, your hcg level rises. When you take a urine pregnancy test and it comes back negative, the level of hcg is not high enough to register on the test. When the quantitative serum pregnancy test is positive, it is a more acurate reading of how far along in your pregnancy you actually are.