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Q: Will a Remington 522 viper shoot without a magazine inserted?
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Is the Remington 66 a real rifle that shoots?

You're probably thinking of the Remington Nylon 66. It is very real, and it does shoot. It's a .22 LR semi automatic rifle. A couple variations were made, including variants which feed by a detachable box magazine, and variants which feed by a tubular magazine which is inserted through the rear of the buttstock.

Can you shoot your Remington 270 without a clip?

Not recommended.

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Shoot - advertising magazine - was created in 1960.

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Will a Remington Spartan 100 .410 shoot slugs?

You need to contact Remington for a correct answer.

What is the magazine on tv show 'just shoot me'?

Blush Magazine

How do you BBS in a BB gun?

Put in the magazine. load the magazine, and shoot.

Can a 7mm Remington mag shoot 1760 yards?


Can you shoot slugs in a Remington 870 express?

Depends on what it is choked.

Can you shoot Remington 38 caliber ammo in a 357 magnum pistol?