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No, the uterus is below your bellybutton.

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Q: Will I feel tightness in my upper stomach if I am pregnant?
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How does your stomach feel at 5 weeks of pregnancy?

I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and I have a subtle stomach cramp in the upper part of my belly.

When you are one week pregnant can you feel ant thing in you stomach?

when you are one week pregnant can you feel anything in your stomach

Why does your stomach feel tight?

If you have tightness in the stomach, it could mean that you have been doing many muscular endurance excersizes, like sit ups, curl ups, pull ups, etc.

Do you feel throbbing in your stomach when you are pregnant?

Babies don't live in your stomach unless you eat them.

What does it mean when you feel movements in your stomach?

You're Pregnant DAH!

Why do you feel so much pressure on your stomach and kinda feel Sick to your stomach?

I'm scared everytime i lay on my stomach it hurts. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

How do you know if your sugar glider is pregnant?

feel the stomach you can feel the baby or in the change of attitude

How do you tell when bearded dragons are pregnant?

In most cases, If you carefully hold her and feel her stomach, If shes pregnant she should be lumpy, Or get a bigger stomach

Can you feel your stomach and tell if you're pregnant?

if your stomach is hardened After a couple months, you'll be able to feel a firmness at or below your belly button.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and having tightness in the lower abdomen?

If you don't feel well, call your doctor. No one will be able to help you from the internet.

My belly feel itchy and i have tingly feeling in my stomach does it mean I'm pregnant?

my belly feels itchy i have a tingling feeling in my stomach does this mean i am pregnant?

How do you know that your dog is pregnant?

its lazy and she hides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you feel a lump on her stomach!