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You're Pregnant DAH!

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Q: What does it mean when you feel movements in your stomach?
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Can a 3 month baby in it's mother stomach move?

Yes it can move, but that does not mean you will feel it. It is still floating freely in your uterus and not strong enough or big enough to make any movements you will feel.

What does it mean when you feel hungry?

Your stomach has deformed

How can baby movements be described?

Many women describe the first fetal movements they feel as feeling like butterflies in their stomach, gas bubbles, or even popcorn popping.

What does it mean when you never feel hungry?

Your stomach has deformed

Why do you feel so much pressure on your stomach and kinda feel Sick to your stomach?

I'm scared everytime i lay on my stomach it hurts. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

I have movements in my stomach and i feel like i gained weight I've had my period What is wrong?

Advisable for you to go to the doctor and get a proper check up

What does it mean to feel stomach twitches?

Its most likely your stomach trying to digest something or food it doesn't agree with

My belly feel itchy and i have tingly feeling in my stomach does it mean I'm pregnant?

my belly feels itchy i have a tingling feeling in my stomach does this mean i am pregnant?

What does it mean when you feel like your stomach like its ripping?

That is not a good thing. Do you have your period? Have you had your appendix taken out? Do you have a stomach ulcer? I would get that checked out.

What does it mean when you feel sick in your stomach when ever you see a certain person?

they smell bad

What does it mean when you feel three heartbeats in your stomach but the doctors say you're not pregnant?

Some people can feel their own heartbeat or pulse from the artery in their abdomen by pressing their stomach, this could be the case.

You are feeling movements in your stomach as if you were pregnant what can this be?

May be you are Pregnant. For your health,I would suggest you to go see a doctor to make sure that there're nothing serious. It could be your digestive system.. large intestine, bowels, etc. I have these same sensations with mild constipation.