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I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and I have a subtle stomach cramp in the upper part of my belly.

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Q: How does your stomach feel at 5 weeks of pregnancy?
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Does your stomach feel like a shell when 5 weeks pregnant?

your stomach would feel a bit more tighter at 5 weeks, so that will be a yes!

How soon after you feel the baby kittens in the belly will she have them?

a feline pregnancy is 9 weeks in length and you can feel the babies in the womb at roughly 4-5 weeks. So roughly 4-5 weeks after you first feel the babies

Is your belly hard during the first weeks of pregnancy?

No, it doesn't start to feel hard until 4-5 months of pregnancy

How early can you feel lower back pain in pregnancy?

I am 5 weeks and 2 days and it just started today.

When should you start feeling pregnancy movement if your 15 weeks along?

If it's your first pregnancy you probably won't feel anything for another 4-5 weeks, if your second or later child, you will probably feel something in the next week or two.

How soon can you feel signs of pregnancy'?

Every woman is different and so is every pregnancy. Some women begin to have noticeable symptoms as early as 2 weeks after conception but most start feeling them around 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy.

How many weeks is in a pregnancy?


You are 14 weeks pregnant and ive been having stomach cramps for 5 days now is there anythin wrong?

cramps are normal during pregnancy

Can a baby form after 5 weeks of pregnancy?

At 5 weeks of pregnancy , the fetus is still in the process of organeosis. It will take 3 months for to complete this.

Can a pregnancy show at 5 weeks?


Does your stomach growl a lot in a early pregnancy?

I don't know if its supposed to but mine does too. I am only about 3 weeks along and I noticed it about 5 days ago.

What is the average size of the cervix during pregnancy?

measurements of pregnancy in 5 weeks

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