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if your stomach is hardened

After a couple months, you'll be able to feel a firmness at or below your belly button.

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Q: Can you feel your stomach and tell if you're pregnant?
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How do you tell when bearded dragons are pregnant?

In most cases, If you carefully hold her and feel her stomach, If shes pregnant she should be lumpy, Or get a bigger stomach

How do you tell when your guinea pig is pregnant?

you can feel movement in the stomach and they get extremely fat!!

How do you tell from your period if your pregnant?

you miss youre period if your pregnant.

How can you tell if your royal python is pregnant?

Feel her stomach if it is almost like she has just eaten (large lumps in stomach area) and she denies food

Can you tell if youre pregnant by your body temperature?

No. There are many reasons for change in body temperature. Even when you have a period you might feel flushed. The only way to know if your pregnant is to get a test

Could you be pregnant if you feel sickness but dont get sick?

yes If by 'sickness' you mean nauseous of course. but you could also be nauseous from plenty of other things, the only way to tell if youre pregnant is to take a test.

How To Tell If your Hamster Is pregnant?

You can tell if your hamster is pregnant because, you should see a bump on his/hers stomach

How do you tell when the female gerbil is pregnant?

If you think she's pregnant then the best way to find out is by putting on the palm of your hand and if you can feel her stomach then she is most probably pregnant. Another way to tell if she is pregnant is if she looks peer shaped. This should only happen on the 17th day though.

How do you tell If your mom is pregnant?

Her stomach gets bigger

How do you tell if your mom pregnant?

Her stomach gets bigger

How do you Tell if my Dalamation Molly is pregnant?

if her stomach is big

Can you be pregnant if your stomach hurts and you can not eat?

Yes, you can be pregnant if your stomach hurt's and you can not eat. Best way to tell, is get a pregnancy test.