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if you are a healthy patient, i wouldn't recomend either of those products solely for weight gain. try onesource optimal nutrition or a whey powder.

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2011-09-13 17:44:41
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Q: Will Boost drink help you gain weight as fast as drinking Ensure drink?
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Can boost drink help you lose weight?

no a boost drink can not.

What does ensure plus drinks do drink ensure gain weight how much ensure plus do you need to drink in order to gain weight where do you get boost plus and ensure plus?

yes ensure plus and boost plus make you gain weight. It says it on the label "to help GAIN and maintain weight". I think that you have to drink 1 a day but if you really need to gain weight then you could drink 2. No harm done. And in about 2 weeks you could gain about 10 pounds :) you could buy them at the CVS by the medicine section they are only 8.99 but at Fiesta supermarket they are 7.99 they are cheaper :)

Does drinking ensure help you gain or lose weight?

Maybe, it depends on how you drink it. 1 bottle of Vanilla Ensure is 250 calories and 6g fat. So 2 a day wont hurt but, if you drink them a lot it wont help you lose weight.

Do ensure make a person lose weight?

drinking ensure is like eating a bowl of rice, just without the full feeling you get afterward. so it can if you treat it as a diet but you can gain weight if you drink it with dinner often

Can you drink ensure while on coumadin?

Yes, you can drink Ensure (or Boost or any food supplement) with your Coumadin as long as you take Ensure in normal amount, without any excess. Your dosage will be ajusted with this food intake.

What are the side effects of drinking Ensure?

I drink Ensure Plus, and get dizziness, stomach cramps, nausea. I am lactose intolerance.

You are 25 years old male weighing 45 kgs How do you gain weight?

Depends if you want to gain muscle or fat. If you want to gain muscle, eat things with a lot of protein, such as eggs, fish, chicken, and meat, and work out on a regular basis. If you want to gain fat, try drinking protein shakes such as ensure, and boost. They are high in calories and if you drink them regularly with your normal meals, it will boost your calorie intake and help you gain weight.

Can you drink ensure plus to lose weight?

Sure thing.

Does drinking cold water boost metabolism?

Nope..cold water does not boost metabolism. You should drink luke warm water always that is helpful for your body

Can children drink ensure with crohns disease?

Absolutely. Liquid diets such as Ensure and Boost are very useful in keeping nutrition levels stable and are easily digestible.

What is the best alcoholic drink for weight loss?

the worst way to loose weight is to be drinking alcohol.

If you drink your own urine do you lose weight?

No, drinking your own urine will not allow you to lose weight.

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