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How much weight you can lose by not drinking soda depends on how much you drink per day. If you drink two large sodas a day and give them up, you can lose 62 pounds in just one year. If you drink more, you will lose even more.

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2014-06-19 13:53:05
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Q: How much weight can you lose not drinking soda?
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Does not drinking soda really cause weight loss?

Drinking soda is bad for your health, but not drinking it won't make you lose weight. Maybe not drinking soda couldlead to losing weight but you still need to maintain a healthy diet for it to work.Overall, it helps weight loss but you can't expect to lose weight just because you aren't drinking soda.

Does not drinking soda help you lose weight?

Yes, Soda contains carbs which turn into fat when they are not used up. Stop Drinking Soda and replace it with water, juice, milk and you will lose weight.

Does not drinking soda help you to lose weight?

Yes, not drinking a soda does help you lose weight, because usually, a soda is non-diet so it contains a lot of sugars. And if you dont drink soda, it can prevent you from being unhealthy.

I have drank sodas all your life will you lose weight if I stop drinking sodas I'm 180lbs and 5'10?

Yes you will lose weight. But just not drinking soda will not have you on some miracle diet. There are many harmful ingredients in soda for your body, removing the intake will help you lose weight. More important is of course exercise. Drinking 64 to 72 ounces of water and burning calories away with exercise and you wont need to stop drinking soda.

Does drinking water help you get skinnier?

Drinking water in place of soda, beer, or coffee will help you lose weight because water contains no sugar. However, do not expect to lose weight by drinking water along with soda, coffee, and beer. Having a healthy diet with water will also help with losing weight.

How much pounds can i lose with just not eating junk food and not drinking soda And how much time will it take to lose 25 pounds?

You cannot loss weight from just stopping to eat junk food and drinking soda and the time it takes you to lose 25 pounds will depend on the food you take on a daily basis and the exercise that you make.

How much weight would you lose if you quit drinking soda?

I assume your saying you would stop drinking it because of the calories it contains. You would have to make sure you don't consume the same amount of calories by drinking lemonade or some other drink to replace your soda. Losing weight is all about tracking calories.

If you weigh 190 and stop drinking soda how much weight will i loose?

Well you will lose a good amount of weight it depends if you are used to drink soda all the time because it is full of sugar and flavourings which are bad for the health and make you fatter.

Can a person Lose weight if they stop drinking diet soda?

yes because some diet sodas have sugar in them.

How much weight will you lose in one week if you stop drinking soda and drink water instead?

Bear in mind that weight loss or gain is not determined by just one part of your diet, it depends upon your entire diet, everything that you eat or drink. But undoubtedly, it will help you to lose weight if you drink water instead of soda. If you also eat a low calorie diet you may lose as much as 5 pounds per week.

Does drinking pop make you fat?

It depends on how much you consume. Soda has sugar in it, and if you do not burn more calories than you are taking in, you will gain weight. Diet soda has no sugar or calories, so you will not gain weight solely from drinking it.

Can drinking Club Soda prevent you from losing weight?

Club soda is a carbonated drink, all carbonated drinks loosen your stomach muscles and fat in that area is harder to burn. If you want to lose weight, stay away from it.

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