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i might be wrong but (I'm a girl) normally when i get nervous around a boy i normally like them or is scared of you but i mostly find if i am nervous around boys then i have a crush on them

i hope this answers your question

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Q: Why is this girl intimidated and nervous around you?
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How do you ask out a girl if your nervous?

use msn or facebook if you get nervous around the girl

Are girls intimadated by guys?

Sometimes girls get nervous around guys, they give them "butterflies", but I wouldn't say girls are intimidated by them.

Why are guys intimidated by pretty girls?

They Are afraid that the pretty girl they go out with might cheat on them. They also get nervous because the either don't have experience talking to girls or they are talking to a girl they really like just get nervous like modest guys do.

What causes bladder leakage in a young girl?

As a paediatrician myself, it is common for young girls to experience bladder leakage when they are excited or nervous. Some get intimidated around a lot of people and this can lead to them leaking. If you are more concerned about this child, it would be wise to visit a doctor.

Do guys scratch head when nervous?

yes, sometimes when nervous around a girl there attracted too.

What does it mean when a guy is intimidated by that certain girl?

It means that who ever this girl is that she scares him

Do guys get nervous around girls?

yeah we do before i asked my girlfriend out i used to super, nervous around her which was a little weird cause I've never been nervous around a girl before well either yeah we get nervous too.

How do you talk to a girl I like if i get nervous around her?

I thnk that's a question only a girl knows the answer to.

How do boys act to show that they like a girl?

Often they will get nervous around her.

What does it mean if a girl is nervous and loses her voice around you?

She may like you!

How do you tell if a girl likes you from the net?

If a girl blushes when you talk to her or get kind of nervous around you, she might like you.

Why does a talkative and outgoing girl act nervous and shy around me?

she likes yous