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she likes yous

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2010-10-24 23:32:18
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Q: Why does a talkative and outgoing girl act nervous and shy around me?
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Why would an outgoing talkative guy be quiet around a girl he's kind of friends with but respond fast and nice whenever she say something online and in person and get excited when he sees her?

you like her.

This talkative girl really goes quiet when she is around me why?

If a talkative girl goes quiet around you, it might mean that she has a crush on you. Or it might mean that she doesn't want to talk to you.

Why would a fairly talkative girl get nervous and quiet around a guy?

Because she is afraid that she has made a fool of her self. Probably because she likes him and probably wants him to ask her out.

How can a girl not get nervous around guys?

Sometimes, it's just the way a person is. But all in all, we're all nervous at times around the opposite sex. Just hang out with more guys, and talk and get more outgoing

Why is outgoing girl shy around you?

She likes you!

How do you no if an outgoing girl likes you?

If an outgoing girl likes you she will flirt with you often and try and be around you a lot. They may also smile at you a lot.

What does it mean if an outgoing talkative guy is quiet around a girl he's kind of friends with but responds whenever she says something and gets excited when he sees her?

I believe this means the guy likes the girl. Since guys to tend to act differently around the one they love. For example, like in your case the guy is outgoing. But when he is around the girl, he is quiet but yet is very interested in the girl. If there are any other signs like the guy sometimes checks her out or tries to meet her eye. Then it may be possible the guy likes the girl.

What kind of girl does an outgoing guy like?

An outgoing guy might like a girl who is outgoing as well. He may like a girl with a sense of humor, who likes to try new things, and is fun to be around.

Who is talkative boys or girls?

Boys are the ones that are talkative the girl are not more talkative then boys.

How do you ask out a girl if your nervous?

use msn or facebook if you get nervous around the girl

Will an outgoing guy act more outgoing around a girl he likes?

Yes,because he knows that he has to act like himself around the one he likes.

How come an outgoing guy that you like can be both more outgoing and shier around different girls?

an outgoing guy willbe outgoing with the girls who are his friends.believe me outgoing guys can be extremely shy too.he will be shy with the girl he likes from his heart.

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