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If a talkative girl goes quiet around you, it might mean that she has a crush on you. Or it might mean that she doesn't want to talk to you.

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Q: This talkative girl really goes quiet when she is around me why?
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Why is a shy girl talkative around you but quiet when talking directly to you?

she probably likes u and to shy to talk to u girls may act tough but they really are senstive inside

How do you know if a girl is shy?

You know if a girl is shy when they don't seem extremely talkative and they keep things to themselves when around people. They don't show off to others and are quiet and reserved.

What does it mean if a very talkative guy swears and can talk about any random things and personal things to anyone including strangers but a girl he knows of and is quiet around her?

he is probably uncomfortable around you.

Ever since you called a girl beautiful she has been quiet around you she used to be talkative she knows you like her does she like you?

i had someone call me that and it made me feel really good about myself. all it means is she probably doesnt know how to act now you know.

Why would an outgoing talkative guy be quiet around a girl he's kind of friends with but respond fast and nice whenever she say something online and in person and get excited when he sees her?

you like her.

What does it mean if a girl never speaks unless necessary?

if she is your girl friend then she really likes you. check if she doesn't like to eat around you, if she doesn't then she really really likes you. if you are not dating her then she prob likes you but not to be stalkish but see if she is really talkative around ugly guys or her Friend's.

Why does a talkative and outgoing girl act nervous and shy around me?

she likes yous

Do women like talkative men?

well that depends. if the woman/girl is talkative she would not have a problem with that. if you are funny in your "talks" she will laugh and wont mind you talking alot. but if it is something boring that the girl has nothing to do with drop it. you dont have to be talkitive or quiet a mixture of both is PERFECT trust me i no.

Who is talkative boys or girls?

Boys are the ones that are talkative the girl are not more talkative then boys.

How do you get a girl who is quiet except around her friends to like you?

Im a quiet girl who isn't around her friend, and the best way that you can get her to like you, BECOME HER FRIEND. There is really no such thing as the friend zone, it's just whether they like u or not, good luck

What kind of girls do quiet guys like?

Quiet guys tend to enjoy a talkative girl. In this case, opposites really do attract. Another thing to consider, the girl needs to be comfortable allowing silent moments. If she constantly feels "uncomfortable" with the silence, then it will never work. Still waters run deep! The above poster is correct, but there are some men that are "a man of few words" and when you get to know them all hell can break loose and it's not all bad. LOL