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They Are afraid that the pretty girl they go out with might cheat on them. They also get nervous because the either don't have experience talking to girls or they are talking to a girl they really like just get nervous like modest guys do.

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Q: Why are guys intimidated by pretty girls?
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Are guys intimidated by girls in wheelchairs?

some are intimidated some are not

Are girls intimadated by guys?

Sometimes girls get nervous around guys, they give them "butterflies", but I wouldn't say girls are intimidated by them.

Can shy girls get intimidated by guys they like?

it depends on the girl!because girls have different reaction

Do guys get intimidated by girls that wearing headscarf hijab?

Because the girl isn't revealing everything to the guy and he may not understand why she wears it.

What do guys look for in a girls image?

Guys like pretty tall sophisticated girls. its good to have a sence of humor and the skill to listen and understand. guys like girls who are confident and brave. but at the same time need their help. (not the needy kind) guys like girls with pretty hair.

Why does girls like pretty stuff?

Because they are girls, they try to impress guys.

Do guys like pretty girl with no personality better than not so pretty girls with big personality?

most guys do because most are them are as shallow as some girls are

Why do guys always go for the pretty girls?

Not all guys do. Many guys who go for pretty girls will only date them for their looks and not see their personality, that's why many pretty girls have problems finding someone who really loves them. Most guys however don't care much about looks when it comes to a serious relationship.

Do girls like army guys or marine guys?

they're both pretty hot

Why guys reject pretty girls?

Try your attitude or behavior.

How come guys do not like over weighted girls?

guys are stupid. some guys dont like fat girls bcuz they dont think they r as pretty. THEY ARE RONG

Why do girls want to be like models?

Models are pretty, skinny, and get the guys.