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Because of ovulation, which is when you release an egg. Many women spot during ovulation. It could also be because you have old blood left over from your last period in your uterus and birth canal and it is just coming out very slowly. If there is any chance you could be pregnant, the spotting could be because of that. Overall, I would say the most likely cause is ovulation.

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Q: Why do you spot after just finishing your period?
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Your period is just finishing- how likely is it that you are pregnant?

You need to explain more of the circumstances that make you think you may be pregnant.

Can implantation start a week early before your period start and the day of your period it was just a faint spot?

Yes. The implantation takes place about a week before the your period starts. The size of the embryo is very tiny by that time. You can call it as just a faint spot.

What does it mean to not have a period for 2 months and then just spot bleed?

See your doctor.

Is it normal for a female to spot two days before her period?

Yes it is normal it just shows you to be prepared to get your period it's just like a warning

If you have late period for three days and you spot dry discharge are you pregnant?

Probably not pregnant. You just had a short period, for whatever reason.

What is spotting period?

when you spot a period!

Is it normal to just spot in place of your period after starting the pill?

Is it normal to get a erection from Margret fatcher. No.

Are there panty liners for women who do not wear panties?

No, panty liners are for when a girl is begining to hit puberty. Panty liners protect the girls underwear when the have vaginal discharge. or even if they are just getting their period for that month or for when they are just finishing their period.

What is a period spot?

A spot is a small area of blood.

When using Mirena how long does your period last?

You can have your period up to 6 month's your period will slow down to just spotting in time.Around 8 months it will stop from time to time you may spot

If you have pinkish red discharge after wiping but just had period 4 days before?

That is called spotting. Women often spot the day before or a few days after their period.

Is it okay to spot after your period?