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You need to explain more of the circumstances that make you think you may be pregnant.

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Q: Your period is just finishing- how likely is it that you are pregnant?
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Is just after your period the time when a girl is least likely to become pregnant?

The least likely time to get pregnant is DURING your period. After that, it's a crap-shoot.

How likely will you get pregnant if your 13?

Just as likely as yoyu would if you were 20. but only if you've started your menstural cycle. you cannot get a period without having your period.

Can you still get pregnant if you are in your 4th day of menstruation?

it is possible to get pregnant at ANY time, even if you're on your period, it is just less likely.

You heard you cant get pregnant on your period is that true?

no. you ALWAYS have a chance of gettin preggers. its just less likely to happen on you're period

Your period was 1 day late and 3 days long when its usually 5 days are you pregnant?

An irregularity in your period does not mean you are pregnant. If you are getting your period at all then you are most likely not pregnant. It could be just a change in your diet or excess stress.

Can you get preganent while your on your period?

yes, it is very possible, you are just as able to get pregnant when on your period as you are before and after ovulation! (you are more likely during ovulation)

Can you be pregnant if you have two positive home pregnancy tests and still have your period?

Most likely, you are pregnant and that's not your period, you're just spotting. Go to the doctor, and they'll be able to tell you better.

How long after the first day of your period can you get pregnant?

they say that its possible but not likely to get pregnant just after a period since the egg is released like a week before your period. i got information from this site:

Why do you spot after just finishing your period?

Because of ovulation, which is when you release an egg. Many women spot during ovulation. It could also be because you have old blood left over from your last period in your uterus and birth canal and it is just coming out very slowly. If there is any chance you could be pregnant, the spotting could be because of that. Overall, I would say the most likely cause is ovulation.

Is it likely to get pregnant after your period even if you are taking birth control?

There is always a chance, but since you're using birth control it's just less likely.

Had implanon out 4 days ago and started light brown couler period can you be pregnant?

You might be pregnant, but it's not likely. More likely, you are just experiencing uterine bleeding as a result of the hormones getting out of your body.

Could you be pregnant If your period was a week early and short and youre not using any form of birth control?

Most likely no you are not pregnant. It was just short and light. Some periods are that way.